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GSD Singh & Sartek Release Tere Karke (Ballin’ Ciaga) Next Big Punjabi Pop Anthem

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Released as part of JioSaavn’s Artist Originals (AO), the peppy pop number is available for streaming and download to music fans across the world

Punjabi Pop artist GSD Singh is all set to delight his fans with the launch of his latest single, Tere Karke (Ballin’ ciaga) – which could well be India’s next party anthem! Produced by renowned music producer Sartek, the groove-worthy track is supported by Artist Originals (AO), JioSaavn’s hit-breaking label for global South Asian artists.

Tere Karke (Ballin’ ciaga) has been inspired by GSD’s belief that the Punjabi music scene can consistently deliver global chartbusters that everyone, irrespective of the language they speak, will thoroughly enjoy. With their out-of-the-box approach of mixing Punjabi folk sounds, Punjabi Pop beats, and hip-hop music, GSD & Sartek have created a peppy, fun number that transcends beyond cultural and geographical boundaries.

Speaking on the launch of his latest track, GSD Singh said, “I wanted to create a Punjabi track that honoured the continued evolution of the Punjabi music industry and culture while also catering to the sensibilities of an international audience. Tere Karke (Ballin’ ciaga) is the culmination of that vision. It celebrates the brand-conscious and ‘swag’-driven sensibilities of the Punjabi youth and was inspired by the preference for wearing Balenciaga in the state. Once the initial idea was formulated, I sat down with Sartek, Shark & Ink and the team at JioSaavn to create the song.

Prior to launching Tere Karke (Ballin’ ciaga), GSD has released three hit singles. His biggest hits include, Yaad Teri and Mar Jawange Tere Bin, have both garnered over 1 million views on YouTube.

Sartek added, “Coming from the dance music community, I’ve only produced electronic music for major international labels. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and work on a Punjabi song. When GSD shared the idea for Tere Karke (Ballin’ ciaga) after a chance encounter through a mutual friend, my team Shark & Ink and I were firmly on board. The song is one-of-a-kind and is not the typical Punjabi music that one hears, even though it uses a lot of easy Punjabi vocals. I am sure global music lovers will enjoy the song, right from the lyrics to the music to the video.”

The first Indian artist to be signed to Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings and the first Indian artist to have a track on the Beatport Top 100, Sartek’s top 10 songs have been played a cumulative 1.9 million times on JioSaavn. He has also performed at Justin Bieber’s Purpose world tour.

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