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AR Divine launches ‘Ganaraya’ the tune for this Ganpati

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The popular band AR Divine launches its latest foot thumping melody ‘Ganaraya’ today on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. The song sets the pulse right for every Mumbaikar dancing to its tune which is sure to be on everyone’s playlists this festive season…

The Duo Abhishek Mukherjee & Rachit Aggarwal the lead singers of the band AR Divine talks about their latest song ‘Ganaraya’, their journey in tinsel town and mentorship under the one and only Padma Shree Kailash Kher in an exclusive conversation with

Getting inspired by Mumbai’s Ganpati culture and the festival’s infectious fervour is no exception, so happened to the singing duo Abhishek & Rachit of the band AR Divine who created their latest song, ‘Ganaraya’ dedicated to  Ganpati, the Lord of pious beginnings and prosperity.

‘Ganaraja’ releases today on the AR Divine’s YouTube channel and across all streaming platforms JioSaavan, Gaana, Amazon music,  Tidal, Kkbox, google play, Spotify, Wynk, Songdew, Apple iTunes, google play

Talking about the idea behind creating a Ganpati song ‘Ganaraya’ the duo said, ” We have been staying in Mumbai for quite some time and was inspired to create a Ganpati song since last year, which finally took shape to release in this festival season.”

Hey Gajajana tu hum sabka hai daata,
Hey Gajanana tu avinashi tu vidhata

Gun main gaaun tere to barse teri chaya
Jiska nahin koi tuhi hai uski maya

Ganaraya hey Ganaraj!
Ganaraya hey Ganaraj!

The song ‘Ganaraya’ is an invocation to the Lord Ganesha, praising the lord to be the savor to all who are suffering. A beautiful melody, with a blend of both Indian classical and western orchestration.

Talking on the occasion of the launch Kailash Kher said,” ‘Ganaraya’  is yet another beautiful original of AR Divine. It is the reflection of their name Divine. The lyrics and composition given by Shivahari (one of the band member) is simple yet powerful and it has been very well sung by Abhishek and Rachit. They have shown their pious devotion towards spiritualism and humility turning it into soulful music.”

Talking about the creative process behind the song Rachit says, “We worked day and night for the last couple of days to finish the song since we have been traveling of late for other projects. While creating the melody we tried to create a balance between Indian and western nuances using both western and Indian instruments like guitar and harmonium, which blends beautifully in the song.”

“The song has been written and composed by Shivhari Ranade who’s the keyboard and harmonium player of the band. In fact, he had written it long back but the time came now to compose it. It was on one of the days Kailashji suggested us to do a Ganpati song for this festive season and then we worked day and night to bring the thought into action. His energy  and encouragement totally drove us to finish the song in 3 days.”

Abhishek added, “While we created the structure of the song we were missing out some key elements and that’s when Kailashji’s expertise helps, as he gave inputs to improvise it by putting stronger rhythms and adding lyrics like ‘Ganpati Bappa Moriya’ to add more energy to the song, which is all set to create a blast this Ganpati.”

Two small-town boys from Jharkhand Abhishek Mhukerjee & Rachit Aggarwal did not know each other before they met at a music reality show. While they admired each other’s music, the destiny brought them together to the iconic singer-composer Kailash Kher who mentored them to take their flight towards their dream to form a band ‘AR Divine’.This isn’t a fairy tale but a beautiful reality!

Since his childhood, Abhishek was groomed by his father in Indian classical music. He dwelled into popularand film music and loves to strum the guitar with Bollywood, Sufi, and Classical and semi-classical melodies. While Rachit enjoyed Indian classical music, Sufi and playing piano and was inspired to sing Ghazals of the ghazal maestro Gulam Ali Khan and Sufi melodies of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Kailash Kher since an early age. Today, their unique skill sets, soul-stirring voices and soulful togetherness bring an edge to the band AR Divine’s performance repertoire as they attempt anything across genres to experiment. The band brings the elements of Sufi and Bollywood together with soft rock and harmonies of Hindustani Classical music.

AR Divine is a 7 member band with Abhishek Mukherjee and Rachit Aggarwal as the lead vocalist,Neelabh Nath as the lead guitarist,Shivahari Ranade who’s the composer, arranger as well as the harmonium and keyboardist, Graham Gonsalves as the bassist,Jainesh Parle on the Drums and Aditya Dekhale on percussions who’s the youngest member of the group.

Talking about their first meeting with their illustrious mentor Kailash Kher Abhishek reminisces, “After our short stint at Voice India in 2017 we both wanted to form a band together. Eventually, we created a demo and went to Kailasa studio. To our surprise, Kailshji was present in the studio and heard our song, which he instantly liked and encouraged us to form our band AR Divine which was launched last year on 7th July at Nayii Udaan. Since then our association continues with Kailash Ji, he is our mentor and guides in our musical journey.”

Talking about the lessons learned Rachit says, “We have been with Kailash Ji while he composes and has seen his passion to create music. We have heard the stories of his initial days, and how he overcame challenges, which inspires us every day. Being at such stature and how he helps newcomers is a rare sight to see in the music industry. We have actually learned the way of life from him as to how to conduct oneself as a musician. Moreover his band Kailasa has been an inspiration for us which we grew up listening to. He gives us tips on the  technical aspects of vocal riyaz (practice) presentation and lots more that we learned from him.”

Ganaraya happens to be AR Divine’s fifth song since its inception. The band has seen 4 successful singles releases; Aye Khuda,NayiI Udaan,Yeh Jiya,Mere Watan. The band is all set to rock the concert scene with collaborative concerts soon to be announced, followed by a series of international concerts.

Song releases today across all digital platforms:

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