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Spotify Working On Instagram-Like Story Feature For Its Platform

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Spotify is bringing another interesting feature to the world of music streaming.

According to a report by Music Business Worldwide, Spotify, just like Instagram, is working on a feature where you will be able to see stories by your favorite artists. This new feature, uncovered by Jane Manchun Wong, enables artists to create a stronger bond with listeners.

As per a blog post by Jane Manchun Wong, users will now be able to see stories by tapping on the profile picture of the playlist. With this development, users can only see the stories when they want to. The stories will not pop up again and again while you look for other content on the app or website.

According to Wong, she came across a Q&A session with Norwegian Singer Sigrid where she answered the questions regarding songs and how they made her feel. For each song, there was a snippet of music. It was also reported that users had the option to add these songs to their library. All you have to do is tap on the heart icon.

Talking about the Stories feature in her blog post, Wong wrote, “It looks like the equivalent Story features on other social media platforms. A snippet of music is played after each Q&A, which notably does not necessarily start from the beginning of the music. Users could save the music to their library by tapping the Heart button.”

What’s the Catch?

The new feature will help artists communicate better with their listeners on the streaming app. But Spotify’s plan seems to be to increase ad revenue with the help of these stories by promoting new content. The best we can hope for is the stories to not appear without being manually triggered. Other apps – like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp – are full of stories already. For Spotify, it’ll be best to pull this off without turning itself into another social media platform.

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