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Renowned Artists To Create Magical Blend Of Strokes, Words And Musical Notes At EUNOIA

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Danish Hussain, the Audio Engineer of MTV Coke Studio and MTV Unplugged, Ashish Manchanda, spectacular musicians like Rajiv Raja, Maalvika Majoj and many other poets, musicians, artists, storytellers will participate in the event.

Since the very existence of mankind, we’ve been creating and existing in boxes. The fluid is a way to live beyond these boxes.

Fluid is a platform where revered artists from different walks of life, come together and share their journeys, experiences and passions, inspiring others to move outside their professional labels, and surprise themselves by trying out different things they’ve never tried before.

These are neo humans, who are constantly working around the shifts of life and trying to understand the world more curiously. The seekers, the creators, the ideators, the storytellers and the learners.

The purpose behind Fluid is not just to appreciate creative prowess, but imbibe different skills from each other, such that writers become painters, painters become singers, singers become musicians, musicians become poets- erasing the lines between different creative professions and revelling in the joy of discovering multiple talents within oneself.

The platform is a personification of a creative visionary, Krishan Jagota, who don’t believe in labelling himself by any one profession.

We are actions as much as we are nouns.
We crave for the new, the magical and the unseen.
We are beyond the labels they gave us, and beyond the labels we gave ourselves.
We aren’t Solid. We are Fluid.

– Krishan Jagota


A brand strategist and industrial designer from NID, Krishan is an amazing illustrator who can draw using both his hands, an awe-inspiring magician who surprises people with tactful tricks he learnt from a street magician in China, a singer, a poet, a comedian, a teacher and everything else he is yet to try.

He also contributes to the academic world by sharing his creative methods as talks and workshops with MBA students at Welingkars Institute of Management and Corporate Training sessions with Brands.

The Fluid Community celebrates this spirit of creative fusion by doing unconventional events at exquisite locations, be it over a cruise, an artsy street or an art residence.

One such event is taking place this Saturday, on the 10th of August, at a French design space. The event is called Eunoia.

Eunoia is actually the shortest English word containing all five main vowels. It comes from the Greek word εὔνοια, which means ‘beautiful thinking.”

Eunoia is an event where renowned artists like the legendary poet and revivor of Urdu storytelling art form, Danish Hussain,  the Audio Engineer of MTV Coke Studio and MTV Unplugged Ashish Manchanda, spectacular musicians like Rajiv Raja, Maalvika Majoj and many other poets, musicians, artists, storytellers, would share the spotlight to enlighten others, creating a magical blend of strokes, words and musical notes.

Dr Annurag Batra, who’s the chairman of BW Businessworld, the founder of India’s leading media industry company, exchange4media group, a serial entrepreneur, media mogul, a journalist and an eternal optimist, would grace the event as the chief guest.

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