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Jjust Music Is Just The Label For ‘Original Music’ – Jackky Bhagnani

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A label with a difference ‘Jjust Music’ talks about justice for the artists, original content and freedom of expression!

Jjust Music, the newest music label on the block, promises to be a dedicated independent music label platform and nothing else. The brainchild of the actor, producer turned entrepreneur Jackky Bhagnani – Jjust Music stands strong as a platform to give fair opportunities, freedom of expression and justice to independent artists both to the established as well as the aspiring.

On the occasion of the label’s logo launch in Mumbai Jackky Bhagnani talked about his vision, growth and the way ahead for Jjust Music in an exciting conversation with

Talking about his entrepreneurial journey into Music, curation Bhagnani said “The journey was good and very exciting, although it had a lot of learning curves. I have been curating Music since my first film and maybe before that. But, earlier, I used to do it more for fun. Eventually, I became more serious about it and thought to merge my passion with the business to create this platform for artists, musicians and composers. Today, I’m very excited to announce the launch of my dream project – Jjust Music in which I have put my heart and soul, and I hope we touch the heart of many through its Music.

Jjust Music stands for Music that will resonate with the masses. Talking about the idea behind it, Bhagnani said, “The J of Jjust Music stands for justice that the label provides to all its artists. Being an independent music label, since it will not ask the artists to create Music for a given situation like done in films, it will give artists the freedom to express and explore their creativity. The label will also support them to explore across genres and will help them to reach out to a wide audience.

So what’s the USP of Jjust Music as a label, “Giving freedom of expression to the artists, and because it’s non-film centric, our ability to take the risk is our biggest USP.

In what way the label provides justice to the artists, Bhagnani explains, “Most important is to give the artists the freedom to express, second is to provide them with the platform to perform, third is to create a reach to the audience, fourth is to financially reward the artists when the songs work, and the revenue starts flowing into the label.

Bajnani threw light on critical partnerships with the digital platforms, “We have almost partnered practically with every streaming platform, especially with Saavan, Gaana and will be present at all platforms like any other label.

Talking about the artists signed by the label and the frequency of releasing the songs Bhajnani said, “We have many artists lined up like The Doorbeen boys (Omkar & Gautam), Shreya Sharma, Chetas, Lijo George, Vishal Mishra, Rahul Jain as of now, and will announce another set of artists as and when we launch their songs. We will release a song after every 15-20 days in the first year, in year two will try to do 30-35 songs in a year, and in year three hopefully, we should have one song every week.

The first single being released by the label is with the Lamberghini-fame Doorbeen boys, and this will be followed up with a promising and robust line up of talent.

Talking about the revenue generation model on which the label will work Bajnani said, “The revenue will be primarily generated through the streaming, then royalties will come in terms of publishing etc. We have been working on it for the past 18 months, and hopefully, we look forward to generating revenue of 5 crores at the end of the first year.

Talking about exploring genres and collaborative works, “We will work across all genres, as we are creating a mass brand. We will do independent Music only but Music at the level of the film. Songs like ‘Kaise Hua’ like Vishal in Kabir Singh or like ‘Kamariya‘ in my movie ‘Mitron‘ but they will not be a part of the films but at that level. Some will feature the artists, while others will feature Bollywood actors as well in the videos. We are planning a lot of international collaborations and regional Music too like Bhojpuri. So we are trying to create a music destination where people come and find all kinds of Music so that if you want to listen to the original music, you must come to Jjust Music.

So would he consider production houses as competitors, Bhajnani said, “No I don’t consider them as competitors at all, In fact, if the production houses need any of my Music we will license it to them, and that’s another revenue model for us.

Where do you see the most significant support areas required for independent artists in today’s music industry, “I think they need a marketing push, right positioning and awareness. A very unique advantage we have for them is that I have a sister company Pooja Entertainment, wherein we make 5-6 films annually, so if a film needs a song of my artist they have that access and vice-a-versa.

Sharing his thoughts on creating original Music and the remake scenario, “We will only create original Music, and we are pleased about it since we have no scope for doing remakes, as we don’t have a catalogue of ours. I feel for a label remake is like a death by chocolate cake, which is tasty but you know it is not good for you.

Bhanjani gave his view on the scope of independent Music in India by saying, “I think it’s going to grow big time in India and even the Millenials understand today that independent Music is more expressive, and thus an artist can connect much more with the audience. Even in the films, it’s scope is growing, since the films are also changing which have opted to either have no music like URI or have independent Music. While it could also be on any digital app like TikTok, and you cannot anticipate where the song can become popular in this digital era.

Bhajnani concludes by addresses the music enthusiasts and aspirants saying, “Jjust Music is the one-stop destination for everything to do with Music, freedom to create and consume nothing but the best that Music has to offer. Join us in this beautiful journey of making Jjust Music a place where music creators and listeners come together. Those who have good Music can reach out to us on our website, we are here to support you!

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