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T-Series’ Net Worth in 2019

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Last week, Loudest took a deep dive into the world of YouTube subscribers, taking a look at the T-Series analytics. While some elements of that study remain an enigma, the main takeaway from it was the fact that 2019 has been T-Series’ year. During the process of becoming the most subscribed channel on YouTube, the company managed to also hit an important milestone of 10 Crore Subscribers. Now that is a huge audience to have and we do live in a Post-Adpocalypse-YouTube-World which means the video company isn’t very generous anymore in the revenue department, especially when it comes to individual creators. But now, the camera pans over to, T-Series, a giant conglomerate uploading on an average 3-5 videos a day which is professionally produced & ad-friendly, pulling in millions of views. Which basically sounds like the ideal candidate for the most subscribed channel spot that has been created keeping in mind the YouTube terms of service.



Now that we have some context as to why T-Series’ YouTube revenue will always be more than an individual creator, here are some stats. Analytics website, Social Blade reports that alone from the T-Series YouTube Channel, the company approximately generates a figure between Rs. 59 Crores and Rs. 947 Crores which seems vague but is actually the most accurate guess one could take given how volatile YouTube revenue can be but due to the reasons stated above, I personally believe the number is far on the right side of this given scale aka in the 10 figure ballpark.


But let’s look at the bigger picture for a moment, yes, bigger than 105 Million subscribers, besides being the owner of the most subscribed YouTube Channel, T-Series at its roots is a record label and film production company which means the YouTube revenue is just a big portion of an even bigger pie. How big of a pie, you ask? Well, T-Series reportedly has a net worth of Rs. 24 Arab (2400 Crores) as of July 2019. Although that is a figure that you would expect a company of that size to churn out, it seems like the company is in a whole other league.

T-Series’ biggest competitors in the country are Zee Entertainment &, Times Music besides the Indian subsidiaries of Global Majors aka UMG, Warner, and Sony. Although Sony Music is responsible for managing the digital assets of Zee Music Company and Times Music is, in fact, the Indian sub-publisher for Warner/Chappell Music. While it’s hard to get an updated value of these two competitors’ net worth, in 2016, Zee Entertainment was valued at Rs. 10.28 Arab (1028 Crores) & The Times Group (Parent company of Times Music) was valued at Rs. 12.92 Arab (1292 Crores). Given, that these numbers do not represent the current value of these companies, it’s safe to assume, that they are in the same league as T-Series making for a dog-eat-dog competition.


Now, Times Music has made some serious moves in the market like acquiring leading Punjabi music label, Speed Records, but T-Series has been a tad bit more active when it comes to collaborating. Back in 2016, T-Series signed a long-term licensing deal with Amazon ahead of the launch of Amazon Prime in India. Then, similarly, before the streaming platform Spotify made an entrance to the Indian app market, it signed a prominent deal with T-Series which introduced the global Spotify audience to an extensive Bollywood music catalogue and being at the centre of everything-Bollywood, it must’ve counted for one of the most lucrative deals that T-Series has been a part of.

So, it seems like when it comes to global collaborations, T-Series always emerges at the top which is favourable for the company since it desires to work with more big names like Netflix & Hotstar in the future.


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