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Indo Canadian Rapper Reyn’s Single ‘Gone’ is definitely going places!

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Hip-Hop is undoubtedly at the top nowadays. Some might say it’s even today’s ‘Pop’ music. We’ve had a plethora of Indian artists coming out with a lot of interesting Hip-Hop and now, Indian’s abroad have also started showing some heat, from artists like ILLAH to now, Reyn. The Canadian born recently released his first ever single titled ‘Gone’ in conjunction with New Delhi/LA based Producer and Artist ‘ICONYK’ (I can’t believe Nikhil went from playing in Simple Harmonic Motion, essentially a Rage Against The Machine inspired band to a Pop/Hip-Hop artist and producer) and it’s something really interesting.


Raised in Montreal, Canada, Reyn developed a connection to hip-hop at quite an early age and started writing rhymes in high school. His love for the genre grew as he became increasingly attracted to the culture that permeated through the music. It’s evident in the way he writes – mentioning stuff like the ‘Off White’ brand, the designer Virgil Abloh and mixing it with interesting alegories. But this is not his first foray into making music. He released his first mixtape way back in 2011 and since then, he’s been working on honing his craft and his sound. He also had the opportunity to work with a lot of esteemed Producers and Recording engineers at his time at the Chicago Recording Company and it shows.


The song in itself is very reminiscent to the early Kanye stuff, especially ‘The College Dropout’ and ‘Graduation’, but the song suddenly shifts into a new down tempo beat midway and completely changes the vibe. It reminds me a lot of the smooth transitions between beats in ‘SICKO MODE’ by Travis Scott. Credit for that goes to ICONYK. It seems like both of them have really sat down and worked together to create something that still reminds you of Hip-Hop mixed with the 2010’s type sound, but it still has that modern edge to it that makes it unique. I only wish the song was a bit longer though, because Reyn’s flow is quite infectious. That along with the production and the various sound effects really makes the track come alive and more of that would have been quite welcome.

With his EP coming soon, it’ll be interesting to see what other stuff he can do and pull off. But for now, this is certainly a good introduction into the world of Reyn’s music. I would give this a strong 7/10.

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