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LVNG Announces The Moonshine Experiment Gig Series

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Today marks the day when the house gig platform LVNG innaugrates their collaboration with beverage company Moonshine Meadery for a new gig series titled the Moonshine Experiment.

The four shows are set to take place in Mumbai and Pune, kicking off on July 20th, today and closing in on August 10th.

LVNG which is an upcoming house gig platform has recently featured artists like Tejas, Enkore, Ramya Pothuri & Aarifah.

If you’re someone who loves intimate experiences rather than loud and crowded experiences, then LVNG’s experiences are a great platform to try. The idea of having a beer while listening to live acoustic tunes in a mellow and lovely setting is creating quite a buzz with these regular events happening around in different cities across the country.

The company aims at creating a platform for artists through curating intimate experiences, accommodating only a limited number of people who appreciate and support independent art. They have conducted house gigs in cities which include, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, and Goa.

The artists slated to perform include Mumbai-based singer-songwriters such as Mali, Kamakshi Khanna, Fame Sangma (from rock act Fame the Band), Karshni, Hitesh Kumar aka Peaking Panda, Kenneth Soares and more opening acts spanning genres.

Tickets for each show are priced at ₹500 with two meads free on every purchase. In an instagram post, LVNG said, “With the monsoons coming in strong, hang with us in a cozy living room while witnessing some of our freshest homegrown talents.”

In an email mailer Andrew Sabu, Founder, LVNG said that they are also planning gigs in Bangalore in the future.

Click here to buy tickets. See the Moonshine Experiment gig dates below. Venues vary. 

July 20th, Mumbai – Peaking Panda and Kenneth Soares

July 27th, Pune – Karshni (with Mohit Rao, Shubha and Three Oscillators)

August 3rd, Mumbai – Kamakshi Khanna & Mali

August 10th, Pune – Fame Sangma

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