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Nowhere Station Crowdfunding To Release Their Debut Album

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Nowhere Station wants to bring music back to the Indian streetscapes. The Delhi-based alternative rock band has performed at all sorts of venues across the country, starting out as a busking project playing on local streets, monuments, neighbourhood rooftops, intercity trains, and then moving on to professional gigs, art festivals and more. Their gigs usually involve other art performances and installations. 

They have travelled across the country to share their music with the people, and the response has always been inspiring and heartwarming. This is why Nowhere Station wants to put down everything they have created so far into their debut album – Nowhere Station One, for which they launched their crowdfunding project. The thirty day campaign has managed to raise more than 50% of their 3 lakh target in a little over two weeks. 

They want their ‘tasty tunes’ (as they like to call it) to come across as an experience that involves the audience, way more than just a performance. The band members use their understanding of space, sound and colour to engage the listeners and take their music beyond the stage by “setting up Nowhere Stations wherever they go”.

Nowhere Station One aims to encapsulate all their experiences as a band on one platform, available to anyone who wishes to listen.

Crowdfunding plays a big role in pushing independent music out into the world by helping artists activate their fan base and promote their music without the support of any record label and Nowhere Station wholeheartedly agrees. 

“We feel that the independent music industry has evolved with time. Crowdfunding is a great concept. We personally have supported the works of other artists who went on to successfully produce their work – and all it cost us (and other patrons) was a couple of beers. A little bit goes a long way!”

Their agenda is to release the album one single at a time over the course of five months. Support them in making their album a reality! Do your bit and help the independent scene grow by contributing to their campaign here:

Follow the Nowhere Station journey here:

Listen to their music:

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