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Walkman In The Park: The Day The Music Walked

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Everything changed on July 1st, 1979: the day that Sony delivered the iconic Walkman TPS-L2, the first real portable music player that would transform the way we listened to music in a way that no other device really had ever done before. Boomboxes and portable radios had been around for a while, but the Walkman made portable music private, guiding in a whole new era of people listening to music away from home. It began with a cassette player envisioned by SONY’s Co-Founder Masaru Ibuka, who thought the existing portable player was cumbersome and expensive. From there, the Japanese company sold over 400 million units around the world.

We don’t use cassettes or CDs anymore. Almost every mobile device we carry now can play music, storing thousands of songs and streaming tens of thousands more from the internet anywhere in the world. But the whole idea of taking music with you, that you could listen to your favourite songs on the go, without subjecting everyone nearby to your music, started with the Walkman.

Walkman Wall made of 230 Walkmans

Sony is showing off the history of the portable music player in central Tokyo. Titled ‘#009 WALKMAN IN THE PARK: 40 Years Since The Day The Music Walked‘, the exhibition focuses on the people for whom the WALKMAN has been a part of their everyday life. The show, which is divided into two parts, begins with ‘My Story, My Walkman‘ — sharing walkman episodes from the lives of 40 celebrities, and continues with the ‘Walkman Wall‘, where Sony has assembled 230 different Walkmans, and the whole thing shouldn’t be hard to find as a giant neon-yellow WM-F5 will lead the way.

Giant Neon-Yellow WM-F5


It will run across the summer, through until September 1st, with writers and experts offering up interviews and talks on the iconic cassette (and CD) player series.

Project Info:

Duration: July 1st (Mon) – September 1st (Sun), 2019, Free Admission

Open Hours: 10:00 – 20:00

Venue: Ginza Sony Park, GL/Ground Level – B4/Basement 4


Organizer: Ginza Sony Park, Sony Home Entertainment & Sound Products Inc.

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