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Tienas Debuts With A Listening Party On A Bus

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A Listening Party On A Bus?

Azadi Records’ Mumbai based producer-emcee Tanmay Saxena aka Tienas dropped his debut album ‘O’ on Thursday. With the unprecedented growth of the hip-hop music scene, Tienas has managed to find his own lane. The 13-track album spans across multiple genres including tracks like  ‘Cyclone’ feat. Prabh Deep and Shiloh Dynasty starting with a hip-hop vibe to Nirvana influenced ‘Nice Guy’ and more.

To celebrate the launch of Tienas’ album, Azadi Records organised an exclusive one-of-a-kind bus party in Mumbai on the eve of the release. The bus started from Joggers Park on Carter Road in Bandra and it took the party down to G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture at Worli. The Azadi crew on board was jamming to Tienas’ music, rapping out the bits and singing along to the melodies.

When asked about the idea behind the Bus Party, Karan Yadav from Azadi Records said – “I always wanted to do something unique with my gigs, artists or my work in general. I had ideas like this in the past when I used to freelance, but I didn’t have the bandwidth to execute it. I am really thankful of Azadi Records that they had faith in me and supported me. The bus listening session happened because I was bored with the mundane listening parties or gigs that I had seen I wanted to do something memorable and thought this was it. Tienas is a perfect artist for this because he deserves it. As no one had done something like this in the past, the execution for Bus Listening Party was challenging because we didn’t have any notes to compare. But it happened well, and I hope people have enjoyed it.”

Photo courtesy Anurag Sharma

At the venue, the party started with DJ URI spinning his tunes with his infamous record scratches and finger drumming beats. After which, the Azadi crew took the stage to take the party to a whole new level. MC Calm and Encore from Seedhe Maut took the mic to start off with a power packed performance, followed by Prabh Deep, Sez On The Beat, SO Fire, SIRI, the FTS Crew and RAK.

The crew jacked up the audience and warmed up the stage for the main act Tienas, who came on stage in a suit and darkened eyes. Fully committed to the performance, he captivated the audience with his intense on-stage persona combined with his experimental and experiential tracks. Starting off with the album’s prelude ‘Tide’ to set the tone, Bobby delved deeper into the album with ‘Backseat’, ‘Peace of Mind’ and the rest. He brought on stage Seedhe Maut for their SM Interlude too and closed the performance with the FTS crew on the Outro. 

Mo Joshi, the co-founder of Azadi Records, closed the night by delivering a short but moving talk about investing into independent artists and pushing the real talent in the industry without exploiting them. Apart from a few minor glitches with the sound, it was a perfect execution of a fresh new idea coupled with a brilliant album release party.

You can catch Tienas along with Lifafa live on 13th July at Madness JAMS in WeWork BKC.

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