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Music Inc. 2019: Understanding the Global Music Landscape

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You want to make music that makes people feel something.

– Arthur Pingrey

Pingrey, Oscar-Winning Music Producer shared insights on the global music industry at Music.Inc’19.

In a fireside chat session at day two of Music.Inc 2019 Mishal Varma, Founder, KnowWhatsLoved spoke to Arthur Pingrey, Oscar-Winning Music Producer about the global music landscape.

Pingrey, Oscar-Winning Music Producer was the right man to talk about the topic because he has worked on diverse projects and prominent artist like Sia. He has also done award-winning Oscar films and work for Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

Pingrey speaking about the conceptualization of music and how it is different from an artist perspective, from a film perspective and from a TVC perspective said, “Ideally, it is the same. You want to make something that makes people feel something and keeps them engaged.”

Are there any boundaries to conceptualizing music for different markets? “A lot of it has to do with the goals of the project. Most of the recording artist I work with have even more boundaries than a film because they are trying to establish a brand and identity and market that brand. It is about understanding the goals, helping realize what the vision is and helping a communicate”, stated Pingrey.

Pingrey says the trick lies in making something as authentic to the artist and communicating it. Authenticity is prime for an independent artist to reach the global stage.

Is language an obstacle from a global standpoint? According to Pingrey, it is and it isn’t an obstacle. “It is possible for music to connect with listeners in any language. Take for example K-Pop which is huge around the world. With platforms like Netflix you have a lot of interest in the content that is in the original language, it has been the leaders in exporting TV shows and movies that are in Hebrew. If you would have told somebody 10 years ago that there would be hits in Hebrew nobody would think it. To me, I think Bollywood has ruled Indian entertainment and I think it is a wonderful art form. But I’m also very interested to see the newer independent artist. Work that is just focused on regular people”, stated Pingrey.

Pingrey’s advice for Indian artist to appeal to a global audience is taking the singer-songwriter background, song and perspective and create in a way that very easily communicates. Pingrey talking more on how to communicate says, “You need a couple of artists to break out where every aspect is tied together. Making it a bit more commercial in order for the rest of the world to understand that there is that scene in India.”

Pingrey says that artist will get recognition if they have numbers and success in their home country. The trick is communication and understanding how to accomplish the goal to people who do not know or care about you.

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