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Naezy, Sez on the Beat release new track ‘Mama Mia’

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A new single, titled ‘Mama Mia‘, by rapper Naezy featuring Sez On The Beat is out. The song is the fourth track from the infamous Tehelka sessions from four years ago.

Similar to Naezy’s previously released hit singles like ‘Asal Hustle‘, ‘Haq Hai, and ‘Tehelka‘, ‘Mama Mia‘ features a tongue-in-cheek verse about corrupt practices we encounter in everyday life. The song’s beat sits on top of a rolling bass line and a catchy hook. A song full of social commentary and piercing lyrics, ‘Khaate peete rehna mama, pesha hai kya yeh tumhaara?,’ questions Naezy on his latest single ‘Mama Mia’. The track, that released today, is a collaborative effort of Naezy and Sez On The Beat.

Mama Mia‘ has been previewed across the country at various festivals and clubs, and is the last song from the sessions that catapulted both Naezy and Sez On The Beat to mainstream fame. The song, another in the repertoire of India’s rap label Azadi Records, is out now and can be streamed on all major platforms.

Both Naezy and Sez on the Beat were featured on the Gully Boy soundtrack from which they received mainstream fame. The two have since become the bigger names in India’s growing underground rap scene.

You can stream the track below:

Speaking about how the track came to be and what inspired it, Sez on the Beat said, “Mama Mia is a song straight outta the old stash of songs that I have with other artists that never came to light. We made this song 4 years ago during our Mumbai-Delhi sessions. It was a vibe for sure. Naezy already had an idea about the content he wanted to talk about and I produced it. It was a fun session.”

Delhi born Sez on the Beat is one of the most well known music producers in the rap scene in India. He is known for his collaboration with rappers such as DIVINE and Naezy. Sez on the Beat has also worked with rappers Prabh Deep and Seedhe Maut. Naezy, on the other hand, is one of the pioneers of the Mumbai rap sceneand has been professionally active since 2014. Before Gully Boy catapulted both these artists to the mainstream, Sez on the Beat and Naezy were towering underground artists. Their latest collaboration is testament to the rapid rise of India’s rap scene.

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