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Apollo Tyres Releases New Anthem By A. R. Rahman, Featuring Sachin Tendulkar

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Apollo as a brand always pushes the spirit of ‘going the distance’. An idea that people need to keep moving ahead, overcoming every obstacle on their way to reach their potential and goals. This becomes a selling point for their product – tyres – which is the means to reach and realize ambitions and dreams.

Ganga: The river of people is a video that shows Sachin driving across India, celebrating the people and the country. The people are shown to be resilient and  always moving forward, like the river Ganga. This song composed  by A R Rahman is a celebration of India and it’s people, everything they have achieved and how far they’ve come. Released on May 19th 2019, the anthem’s words are penned by Nirmika Singh and singers Jonita and Antara Nandy have lent their voices.

The River of People is an initiative by Apollo Tyres, which aims to celebrate India, the diversity and the ever progressing people. Apollo Tyres pays homage to the different cultures, diversity and the development of India post colonization. The video for the song features Sachin Tendulkar who is a symbol of leadership and perseverance.

This is a journey which shows how Apollo Tyres is driving India and the people towards a better and brighter tomorrow in collaboration with Sachin Tendulkar.

You can watch the video here –


Here’s What We Think!

Great Timing To Release A Patriotic Campaign!


Taking into consideration the current wave of political consciousness in the country, an anthem-like Ganga is set to instill a sense of patriotism. With the election season going on, there is a palpable tension in the country about what’s to come next. Art like this is important because it only goes to remind us of your roots – where we come from and who we are as the citizens of the country.

Music X Brands = WIN WIN!



It is very interesting to see the way brands are collaborating with musicians and investing in the music business in recent times. These types of collaborations have a two-fold effect. One, generation of more revenue for a slightly stagnant music industry. And second, a way for people to relate to brands and also the artists in the collaboration. And this isn’t the first collaboration Apollo has with music. Apollo has previously released tracks in collaboration with ISL as well (Watch it here).

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