Instagram Testing Lyrics Sticker Feature in Stories

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Instagram stories getting another musical feature?

In 2018, Instagram added a music sticker feature to their stories where users could add a soundtrack to their story that fit a moment. Users could choose from a list of thousand tracks and choose the exact part to fits the story.

In the same year, Instagram released another feature in collaboration with Spotify, where there users could share their favorite music straight from the Spotify app – including albums, single tracks, artists and playlists – with their followers through stories. Instagram also added some additional musical features, allowing users to respond to questions with songs, along with countdowns and question stickers for live videos.

Keeping true to the consistent creative innovation, Instagram seems to be testing out a new feature for their stories. In April 2019, Jane Machun Wong spotted the testing of a new feature on the app where animated lyrics play alongside a song’s music video. She shared a video (see below) on her Twitter feed where one can see Rick Ashley’s “Never gonna give you up” appear as an animated sticker next to the music video.

The feature seems to be similar to a sticker, just like the multiple ones already available on the platform. No details about the testing audience or the public availability of the app has been disclosed yet.

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