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Billboard Set to Launch Global 100 Chart and an International Music Conference

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Billboard – American entertainment media brand owned by the Billboard-Hollywood Reporter Media Group. The magazine covers everything from news, video, opinion, reviews, events, and style.

Billboard is known for its record chart – Hot 100 – a weekly musical ranking chart that lists top hits in the United States based on physical and digital sales, radio play and streams.

Billboard Music Charts to go Global

On May 6, 2019, Billboard announced a new chart called Global 100. According to the press release, it will follow a similar format as its counterpart Hot 100. But instead of only considering tracks from the United States, it will be a weekly ranking featuring top tracks from more than 180 territories around the world.

“The current musical landscape is no longer defined by borders and The Global 100 will further unify the music world by providing the definitive view of today’s top hits,”


Just like Hot 100, the charts formula will factor in digital downloads and streams (subscription and free) from all leading audio and video platforms along with download sales from top music distributors. The chart is set to be launched later in 2019.

The launch of The Global 100 marks a major step in the continuing evolution of the Billboard charts. For decades, the U.S.-based Billboard Hot 100 has been viewed throughout the world as the barometer of success in music. Now, Billboard is proud to present a companion chart that will measure the impact of songs on an international scale.” Silvio Pietroluongo, the senior VP charts and data products said.

International Music Summit to discuss Global Music Business

Along with the announcement of the chart Billboard also announced the launch of a music summit aimed at overseeing the trends of the industry and addressing “pressing issues.” It plans to bring together top music executives from all over the world to discuss the worldwide music trends, issues, solutions and the business in general. The summit is set to take place sometime in 2020.

Coupled with the launch of our international music summit, Billboard is once again showing its commitment to being the leading platform for the music industry.Deanna Brown

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