“Express Yourself” – Marrying Music With Socio-Political Awareness

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This election season – MX Player urges you to be the change you want to see and Express Yourself!

We at Music Boutique have always been drawn to create music for a cause and change towards betterment at large. – Shameer Tandon
The video streaming platform MX Player launched an original series “Express Yourself” on April 27th. Produced and curated by Shameer Tandon, the series started with the release of four episodes. Each episode integrates music as a powerful medium of expression and connection to raise awareness about sensitive subjects like child safety, river conservation, freedom of speech, depression, domestic violence and more. 

Our first four episodes are out on the platform with Sonu Nigam, Papon, Swanand Kirkire & Monica Dogra. Each episode talks about the issue, its causes, talks to victims and change makers along with an original song composed and performed highlighting the emotion and thought behind it.

MX Player has fully backed the cause and have been seen tirelessly promoting the series with digital and non-digital promotions.

In such short span of releasing the show we have seen conversations stir around the subjects and many artists have come forward to work on causes close their heart.

The short episodes take the viewers through disturbing facts and statistics, eye-opening visuals and heart wrenching testimonials that leave a lasting impression on the mind. It gets the ball going and attempts to raise awareness and also sensitize the viewers about some of the most important issues in the country. The episodes end with a song by the artists based on the focus of their episode.

“Express Yourself” now on MX Player

Sonu Nigam – Women’s safety

In the first episode Sonu Nigam, Sonam Mittal and Tara Kaushal discuss the importance of awareness for the women’s safety, along with Simar Singh, a spoken word poet, sharing his thoughts on the same. The episode ends with a heart-wrenching song Sonu Nigam penned as an ode to the victim of the Kathua rape case, called Nanhi Pari.

Monica Dogra – Freedom Of Speech

The second episode, has the power-packed performer Monica Dogra speak up on the importance of Freedom of Speech. Filmmaker Kuldeep Ruhil talks about the culture of banning in India, taking the example of his worldwide acclaimed film, “Cheer Haran”.

Papon – River Conservation

The third episode stars the singer, Papon, independent filmmaker Jai Thakur and spoken word poet Mohammad Ruhil shed a light on the amount of plastic and chemical pollution in the water bodies all over the country. They urge for a change and call people to action before the damage done is irreversible.

Swanand Kirkire – Inflation

The fourth episode is a satirical sketch by the well renowned lyricist and writer Swanand Kirkire, where he uses humor to talk about the nationwide crisis of inflation. It touches on the topic of demonetization, rising prices of food and energy fuels and much more.  

The show demonstrates how powerful the language of music can be to shed light on the social and political issues of India.

We take pride in being flag bearers for content creation with a purpose, Express Yourself on MX Player is another step towards that. – Shameer Tandon

Catch the series on MX Player!

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