Shailendra Singh’s Anthem4Good – A Song of Unity and Love

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“Everything and everyone seems hell bent on dividing us – business, politics, religion, education, gender, culture and more. It’s easy – especially for our youth – to get discouraged, frustrated or even apathetic. The only thing that will unite us, is love.” – Shailendra Singh

A serial entrepreneur and one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, Shailendra Singh wears a lot of feathers in his hat. He’s a marketing genius, an author, a producer and more, and is also known as an inceptor in businesses. Shailendra was always drawn to the power of music. After getting tired of the business end of music regular music festivals, he came up with a concept to counter the money focused idea of these festivals. He came up with a not-for-profit organization called Guestlist4Good.

What Is Guestlist4Good By Shailendra Singh?

The idea with Guestlist4Good revolves around getting the artists to donate their performances for the audience to enjoy for free. And instead of buying a ticket, they can donate the amount, which would then be given for the charity. Guestlist4Good collaborated with artists like Hardwell and Martin Garrix and brought them to India. The events managed to raise a lot of money for the benefit of underprivileged children.

EK Bharat. Mera Bharat (One India. My India) Ft. Shailendra Singh | Mithoon | Sukhwinder Singh | Jubin Nautiyal

Last week, Anthem4Good unveiled a song, Ek Bharat. Mera Bharat (One India. My India). Shailendra, along with Mithoon, got Sukhwinder Singh, Jubin Nautiyal and the newest one on the block, Godswill on board for a song with a dream to unite Indians and evoke a sense of love, oneness, and compassion. The song features lyrics in Hindi, English and Punjabi. They released the song and the video with an unplugged performance at an event supported by Siyaram’s.

Shailendra Singh directed the video of Ek Bharat, Mera Bharat is directed by Shailendra Singh and features shots from across 20 historic cities and captures some famous landmarks of India. They hired no actors or had any kind of script for the video, capturing everything in its purest and rawest form of its existence.  In less than a week after it’s release, the Ek Bharat. Mera Bharat has managed to garner 3.6 mil views and 18 mil impressions on Facebook alone. 

The YouTube link directs the viewer to, a registered NGO that aims to provide children education and livelihood programmes, to make online donations. Catch the video below :

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