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IPRS, Google conclude music licensing deal for India

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The Indian Performing Right Society (IPRS) has granted a license to Google, according to a report by This now allows Google to utilise the collection of IPRS members across YouTube and related services in the country, the tech giant said in a statement.

What is the Indian Performing Right Society?

Indian Performing Right Society is a representative body of owners of music, including composers, lyricists and publishers of music. It’s also the sole authorised body to issue licences to permit usage of the music within India by any person.

Google revealed the news in an official statement, and said it has have concluded the music licensing deal for India.

Reactions Pour In

Christophe Muller, Global Head of Music Licensing at YouTube said the following:

“This is yet another step in YouTube’s ongoing commitment to ensuring that writers, composers and publishers continue to be paid fairly, and that our users are able to enjoy their favourite songs and discover new music on YouTube.”

Muller said that the agreement will bring more value to songwriters as well as artists. Muller further said that the agreement will deliver a strong experience to music fans in India.

Javed Akhtar, Chairman of IPRS, termed the agreement a historic milestone for Indian authors, music composers and music publishers. He said:

“IPRS is determined to ensure that this relationship augers well and proves beneficial to the creative fraternity in India. This deal between IPRS and Google for its YouTube and other related services will provide benefits to creators and members of IPRS in a tangible and meaningful way.”

More industry reactions came in with Vikram Mehra, CEO Saregama India Ltd., stating:

“This is an extremely positive development. The deal between IPRS and Google for its YouTube and other related services will surely strengthen the copyright ecosystem in India. Indian Artistes will recognise value from the exploitation of their creations and this arrangement will yield more value for all IPRS members.”

Finally, Rakesh Nigam, CEO of IPRS, stated:

“The IPRS agreement with Google is nothing short of historic. IPRS and its members will benefit greatly from the arrangement with Google. IPRS licensing reach has significantly increased as a registered copyright society and its mandate to function efficiently and transparently vis-à-vis licensees, members and the public. This is another step to ensure IPRS’ standing as the preeminent copyright society in India”

What does this mean for Google?

The deal comes at a time when Google is trying to expand its music streaming service in India. Recently, YouTube Music was launched in India. Google also has Play Music available in the country. With YouTube Music coming in just a few weeks after Spotify, Google seems to be doing all it cam to seize the moment. YouTube Music is already priced slightly lower than Spotify in the Indian market.

Indian Performing Right Society remains the strongest representative trade body of music owners in India. It’s also the only one authorised to issue licenses to permit usage of music within India by any person or company. It remains unclear whether Spotify reached an agreement with the IPRS prior to its launch in the country.

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