Spotify India Insights From First Week Post Launch!

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Spotify Turns A Week Old in India – Hop Right In To Find Out How It Went!

After multiple challenges and indicative plans to launch in India for about a year now, we finally saw Spotify make way to our home screens last week! While many active streaming users are waiting for the complete catalog to be uploaded ( Talking about Warner here!), the streaming app saw a happy first week with 1 Million Unique Subscribers in India.


Honestly, all I hear across the music industry’s global news is one name, SPOTIFY. It’s almost like a word that should be put into the dictionary now for discovering cool playlists! The streaming company is creating a buzz in every country and has not left India behind, clearly. Dropped in with competitive pricing, opening doors for brands, free content available for consumption, and everyone is on the line to explore the streaming app the world had a crush on for the longest time. Let’s straight dive into interesting insights shared by Spotify India.

Indians are starting off strong by listening to musicians and tracks from around the globe, with 68% of artists in the top 50 hailing from across the world outside India.


Although the top-streamed songs ( No.1 “Sucker” – Jonas Brothers, No.2 “I Can’t Get Enough” – benny blanco ft. Selena Gomez, J Balvin, Tainy, No.3 “7 rings” – Ariana Grande) represent music from around the world, the most-searched artists (No.1 Arijit Singh, No.3 Tanishk Bagchi, No.4 Badshah) tend to be local.



The top playlists compromise a blend of languages (No.1 Today’s Top Hits, No.2 Top Hits Hindi, No.3 Top Hits Punjabi), resembling the diverse taste of the music-loving nation.



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