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24 hours of all-female programming at to celebrate International Women’s Day 2019

Starting at 8 am on March 8, 2019, New-Delhi based online community radio station will feature 24 straight hours of programming by female selectors, DJs, and producers to mark the occasion of International Women’s Day. The lineup features Boxout.FM residents and members of the local community as well as women from Berlin, Tokyo, Canada, and South Africa, amongst other places.

Worldwide FM Senior Producer and longtime Gilles Peterson collaborator Mari* has lined up a special show that pays tribute to the incredible female artists that she has met from across the globe. Mixcloud’s Head Of Community Xanthe Fuller will be contributing, alongside South African club and radio DJ Doowap and Canadian bass music specialist Andrea Graham aka The Librarian. The program features two collectives from the UK, Pxssy Palace and Rhythm Sister, both of whom champion inclusive spaces for women. Rhythm Sister are in India for Wild City and the British Council’s Selector Pro: Women In Electronic Music initiative. They will be giving workshops and kicking off the brand new Inspiration tour series. Dubai’s Analog Room resident and veteran DJ Pooja B also represents this year.

Key highlights on the domestic front include a trifecta of debuts by local ladies Shreya Josh, Roychuu and Tanya Bedi, New Delhi’s all-femme collective Coven Code is represented by Pia Collada and Ska Vengers front-woman and premiere reggae artist Begum X brings the heat with a DJ mix.

The full lineup is as follows:

08:00-09:00: World Ocean by AGENT

09:00-10:00: Chai & Chill by Shama Anwar

10:00-11:00: Guest Mix by Shreya Josh

11:00-12:00: Guest Mix by Roychuu

12:00-13:00: Guest Mix by Tanya Bedi

13:00-14:00: Pressure Drop Guest Mix by Pia Collada

14:00-15:00: Guest Mix by DJAne Kit Kat

15:00-16:00: Guest Mix by Sovl Tripping

16:00-17:00: Guest Mix by DJ Doowap

17:00-18:00: Guest Mix by Begum X

18:00-19:00: Guest Mix by Xanthe Fuller

19:00-20:00: Guest Mix by Mari*

20:00-21:00: Guest Mix by Pooja B

21:00-23:00: Guest Mix by Rhythm Sister

23:00-00:00: Guest Mix by Pxssy Palace

00:00-02:00: Jambucast by Chanel Cochrane

02:00-03:00: Guest Mix by The Librarian

03:00-04:00: Guest Mix by Yazmine

04:00-05:00: Into The Ether by Manaalina

05:00-06:00: Boxout In Transit BKK Safe Room by DJ Orawan

06:00-07:00: Ghungru by Eugenia

07:00-08:00: Experimental Hour by Ose


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