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The Girl That Went ‘Hard Kaur’ With Latest Single Poison

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Hard has just released her latest single, ‘Poison’ on her YouTube channel. It is the first single off of her sophomore project; The Private Album. The song talks about her expression of freedom and liberation. In fact, the song seems sensual at a quick glance but holds a deeper perspective. As per Hard Kaur, the song is about being fearless and being aware of your desires. In other words, the purpose of this song was to explain that every individual has the right to be themselves.

As a matter of fact, Kaur has been like that throughout her career as an artist. She is arguably the first Indian female rapper who earned stardom in the industry. Her initial projects were massive success. Hard’s 2007 single ‘Glassy’ became the sound of Indian clubs instantly. On the other hand, Supawoman was a ground-breaker.

Considered as the ‘Queen of Indian hip-hop’, she has delivered The Rising – Volume 1 in 2017 to justify her throne. In fact, this mixtape brought some of the finest Indian hip-hop artists under the same roof. Artists like Swami Baracus, Illa Straight, Shah Rule, Nasy Ninja, Sonny Ravan and others are a few of them. Sonny Ravan is the co-writer on ‘Poison’ as well.

Since ‘Poison’ talks about her opinions, she chose to write the song herself with the help of Sonny. The song is not composed or arranged in a typical pop-song fashion as well. Hard Kaur brought Aman Nath on-board for the production of the song. As a result, the music doesn’t override the song but compliments it instead. Ikramuddin Lochoor and Vinod Verma are crucial parts of this song as well. Their post-production skills have created a very soothing sounding master. On the other hand, Karma has portrayed Hard Kaur and Vishal Patni’s chemistry beautifully.

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Watch ‘Poison’ by Hard Kaur here:

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