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YAVI – A Fashion Brand giving Women of the Independent Music Scene a New Image!

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Fashion brands have a long history of working with artists across various fields. Kanye West and Pharrell Williams are probably the best examples, along with companies ranging from streetwear right up to high end fashion week wear collaborating with pop artists, rappers etc. This practice is something that isn’t a common place in most countries though. Aside from a very select musicians who also do work with Fashion brands beyond their music, most musicians in India’s Independent Scene haven’t really delved into the whole collaboration world with fashion and clothing companies. Enter Yavi, a fashion brand that is collaborating with women from the Indian Independent Music Scene, giving them a fresh look whilst being new and unique!


Yavi was founded by Yadvi Agarwal in 2016, furled by her lifelong fascination with textile and fine art along with her in-depth study of indigenous craft systems. She explains that ‘Art and soul’ sums up the spirit of Yavï, in an attempt to create clothes that are playful and inventive, with an emphasis on easy wearability. The label’s conscience lies in mindfully using India’s incredibly rich and diverse traditional textile traditions such as handloom weaving (Chanderi, Ikat, fine Bengal cottons, Pashmina), block printing and Adda work; whilst working with the expertise of the local artisans to translate them into a modern vocabulary.

A piece from their 2017 collection ‘Shades of Blue’


Yavi’s work with women in the Independent music scene hasn’t been that vast, but the work they have done certainly stands out! As of this time, they have worked with the following artists:

Madame Gandhi (Kiran Gandhi)

Madame Gandhi wearing Yavi in a video for Fuse TV

SANDUNES (Sanaya Ardeshir)

Sandunes wearing Yavi at her performance at Bacardi NH7 Weekender Pune 2018


Wearing a matching headband and dress at The Piano Man Jazz Club, New Delhi



Wearing Yavi for a specially curated ‘Mothers Day’ photoshoot


Yavi is certainly doing something unique. Not only is it absolutely new to the underground Independent scene, it is also making sure it keeps itself close to its roots, and that’s something that sternly gives further power to the Independent Music Scene. Not only clothes, but Yavi also makes Textile Jewellery, Bags and Shoes as well. The label’s textile jewellery and garments have been exhibited and sold at the Victoria and Albert Museum in the UK and also the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for its rare textile. They also retail out of luxe concept stores such as Anaconda, Macondo (in Italy); Biba, Ikat, Kazak (in Paris), Gallery Indigo (Brugge), Wana Boutique (in Spain), to name a few across Europe. It seems like now their plan is to do the same in India and expand their reach in our domestic market, which is nothing short of promising.

For any further information and pictures, check out their website here:

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