Sony Music has partnered with UK’s most popular South Asian Radio Presenter, Tommy Sandhu to release a weekly Podcast titled ‘Tommy’s Brownload’. Sony Music is the music partner and the Executive Producer of this podcast. Kejal Kamani, a well-known radio producer and radio jockey and Sachi – a prominent DJ are also on board for the project.

The culture of listening to Podcasts in the West is hugely popular. We identified the opportunity to produce a Podcast for South Asian audiences in diaspora markets.  There was no better fit than Tommy Sandhu and his team Kej, and DJ Sachy who have been a household name as Radio presenters in the UK and many other international countries. – Jobita Dsouza, Associate Director (International Markets), Sony Music – India

Apart from having great music, the weekly podcast is filled with fun and irreverent chats. It’s aim is to become the much needed voice of South Asians everywhere. The podcast will include some funny analysis on Indian culture, traditions and family playfulness. Expect celebrity guests and interviews along with hilarious parody songs and jokes.

We wanted to bring our audience a show from the heart of  every Desi home (the kitchen) in London. We love laughing our way through life with all the antics that typically go on for South Asians based in the UK, North America or any part of the world. You’re guaranteed to hear some great music played and analysed on our podcast, including our own style of reviews of Hollywood and Bollywood film which are completely unbiased. Expect surprise episodes featuring some special guests from the Film and Music industry from India, UK and North America. – Tommy Sandhu, Kejal Kamani and DJ Sachi

The first episode of Tommy’s Brownload is now available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. The podcast will also be available shortly on  Google Podcasts, Stitcher and more.

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