There was a time when the possibility of your favorite band coming to your city was very slim. In fact, people used to celebrate live concerts as real-life festivals. Finding tickets for the concerts was not easy at all as well. World is getting more digital every day and so is music. Introduction of streaming apps have added to this digital movement. In fact, music listeners love it. Every music video or legal copy of your favorite song is just a few clicks away. Today, the music industry earns a lot from streaming platforms.

Live Streaming Concerts: Introduction

Most music is consumed digitally these days. Then why not live stream concerts as well? In fact, a lot of people actually opt for these services online to witness how the concert went down. At times, the bands also upload high quality videos of their concerts on YouTube. But why wait and watch them once the concert is over when you can live-stream the entire show instead? Websites like Livelist, Qello and others offer a wide range of concerts and festivals that are available through a live stream.

Recently, a benefit concert was held in the memory of the departed hip-hop artist, Mac Miller. The concert was announced by Miller’s family and was held in Los Angeles on October 31. Since it was a tribute concert for a benefit, the family made the concert available through live-stream worldwide. Platforms like Facebook, TIDAL, LiveXLive, YouTube and others streamed it live. Eventually, it was accessible to each and every fan of Miller’s music.

But, do we need live streaming concerts?

To consumers, it is convenient. To artists, it is not. Live music and concerts provide a unique experience for the audiences. Through live streaming, the audience can get that same experience without stepping out of their homes. This is great for people who don’t reside in the same city as the concert venue. But the artists end up losing a huge chunk of their revenue because of this growing trend as these live streams are free. Touring is a large source of income for musicians. Music, these days, is primarily consumed through streaming which does not generate as much revenue for artists as physical sales used to. Artists have turned towards touring to generate their income and these free live streams may be a threat to their touring income.

In the current digital wave, live streaming concerts are just another way to consume music. But fans understand the true value of a live performance. While digitalisation may have made it easier for artists to directly reach their audience, it may also be affecting their livelihood adversely.


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