Europe-Asia Roundtable Sessions or EARS is a platform that supports collaboration between the creative industries of Europe and Asia. EARS on Mumbai is taking place this weekend, 16-17 November, at The Mumbai Assembly in Bandra.

The creative and entertainment industries of India have been the focus of global attention recently. EARS is back this year with a two day conference, to facilitate the exchange of ideas, international dialogue, collaborative projects and networking opportunities.

Last years event saw over 400 leaders of the film, music, and performance industry come together and focus on the development of each of those sectors. They also focused on other topics like content curation, programming trends, and over-arching topics such as funding, investment, marketing and PR, and arts infrastructure.

Mumbai has established itself as being the cultural centre of the country. This vibrant city, filled with arts and creativity will be hosting EARS on Mumbai again this year.

What is EARS?

EARS was set up in 2012 in order to facilitate the connection and networking of creative industry professionals from European and Asian countries. They believe that the success of the creative industries is dependent on how well the creators understand their local communities and also the cultural differences. EARS provides a platform for these artists to get together, network, communicate, discuss issues surrounding their industry, and also showcase their art. EARS has organised events in Helsinki, Beijing, Shanghai, and Mumbai till now.

The mission of EARS is to help build and foster relationships between creative professionals, and to connect the fastest growing creative industry market, Asia, to the rest of the world.

EARS on Mumbai, 2018

With a jam packed schedule of interactions, panel discussions, and conversations with creative and entertainment industry professionals, EARS on Mumbai will offer numerous opportunities to learn and also network. Both days would also include engaging showcase performances and exciting screenings.

The two days will see over sixty speakers addressing important subjects that surround the film, music, and performance sectors. There are twenty panels scheduled and some of the topics that would be addressed are- the influence of social media and content promotion, creating immersive environments, future of music journalism, and establishing oneself as an independent artist, amongst a lot more.

Speakers include industry professionals like Aditi Ramesh (Artist), Atul Churamani (Turnkey), MO Joshi (Azadi Records), Ritnika Nayan (MGMH), Varun Patra (Homegrown), and Loudest’s very own Aparajita Misra. The line of speakers also includes professionals from Asia and Europe like, Adam Ryan (MAMA Company, The Great Escape), Alex Leander (DJ, Producer), Jesse Liu (Icon Promotions), Niko Kangas (Music Finland) and Piyapong Muenprasertdee (Fungjai Co, Ltd).

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