WaveAI have launched an App called Alysia which allows everyone to create original songs within minutes, even if they have no prior song writing experience. With ALysia, WaveAI want to democratize song-writing and make it accessible to everyone. The startup company has also released a 3-track promotional EP which was written and composed with the help of Alysia. The “Invisible Tide EP” is now available on various platforms. Check it out here.

WaveAI was co-founded by Dr.Maya Ackerman, a leading researcher in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Maya always had a passion for singing and as a musician, she longed to create her own original songs. After years of effort – not only continuing to perfect her art of singing, but also taking piano lessons, improvisation classes, and learning to be a producer – she was still nowhere near creating a single original song of which she could be proud. Three years down the line, Maya was already a Computer Science Professor and she accidentally came across a little known subfield of AI: Computational Creativity.

Computational Creativity views a computer as more than just a tool, but instead as a potential co-creative partner. This changed everything. She immediately knew that she had to create an AI system that would make her dreams come true. Together with co-founder David Loker, they created an early prototype of ALYSIA and within three months, Maya wrote her first song ever!

The vision for the app is to create an AI assistant that will help budding singers, song-writers and composers to express their creative side.

Alysia was created originally to help me express myself and the real joy is to watch other people express themselves fully with Alsyia’s help. And that is the beginning and end of why we are doing Alysia  – Dr. Maya Ackerman.

Watch the entire video here.

With the help of a lyric assistant and melody assistant you can come up with your own compositions within minutes and record yourself singing. There is also an option to share your recording instantly with the world. So hurry up and get started with Alysia!

Check out this demo video of song creation with the Alsyia App


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