In the era of urban and hip-hop music, Indie-pop music is struggling to stay relevant. In other words, it seems like people have switched their ears completely. A majority of youth considers the genre to be too cheesy. However, a cluster of people still want to listen to Indie-pop. In fact, artists like Gajendra Verma, Atif Aslam, Shrey Singhal & several others made it big by working hard in the Indie-pop scene.

Recently, Siddharth Singhal grabbed the spotlight with his new song ‘Jaane Bhi De’. Siddharth has written and composed the song himself. Storytelling is one of the key-elements of this song. ‘Jaane Bhi De’ is a soft-ballad composed on acoustic instrumentation. Guitar-driven arpeggios, shakers and digitally programmed drums gives the song a tight fusion of sounds. The credit for this tight mix goes to Euphony Studios. Vocal harmony gives it a wide-stereo sound towards the chorus. Undoubtedly, Arjun Harjaie has programmed the music impressively.

The game of hearts has no rules and everyone is a winner, until something goes kaput. Often, the reason is taking the other person for granted and only when that partner leaves, do we realize their true importance, says Siddharth about the song.

Another aspect of every song is it’s video. While the industry revolves around exotic locations and glamour, ‘Jaane Bhi De’ is pragmatic. Siddharth wrote the track as an apology and that’s the theme of the video. It is noticeable that his girlfriend in the video is upset with him while Siddharth is trying to make her comfy. In other words, the video compliments the song. Annsh Shekhawat has played the female lead in the video of ‘Jaane Bhi De’. Annsh is a Mumbai-based model and actor. Vikram Singh has directed the video without over-doing the concept. Sumon Dutta has handled the cinematography remarkably well. The video captures the colors of Thailand very uniquely. 

Watch the video of ‘Jaane Bhi De’ by Siddharth Singhal here:


A hip-hop artist who keeps a close eye on the world around him.

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