LOCALS All Set To Prepare For DISTRICT #2

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LOCALS started off initially as a secret Facebook group. It is an initiative to bring local talent closer to its audience, without losing its artistic purity. In the process building a community experience where people from different walks of life can communicate, share etc using music as a common factor.
Its inception was on a small rooftop in Gurgaon where (Vijay Kumar Prabhakaran aka Mister.K (Artist/DJ)  decided to create a parallel scene to the typical Delhi nightlife scenario, this one was different, this one was purely about good vibes and great music. It slowly grew organically to what it is today.

What is LOCALS today?

LOCALS that started off from a Facebook page is now a curator of parties, artist managers, organisers of monthly invite only parties and one grand festival called DISTRICT. Locals has put in all it’s effort into making dance music one of the cities must popularly growing cities in the country.


DISTRICT India’s first, none of its kind Music Festival.
It shall witness unmatched sound in control of some of the biggest artists in Techno and House music today; needless to mention that every individual is invited here to immerse in a committed music experience.The festival spread over 72 hours will witness more than 40 artists on 4 different stages bringing together varied talent to one beautiful, fairytale-like 18th-century castle!
Last year the festival took around over the Holi weekend. It was a great treat for all those there. The unique part of the festival was a highlight of some of India’s best homegrown artists. The festival celebrated the festival of colours while celebrating India’s own musical talent.

March’18 marked our first anniversary for Locals and with all the love and support we had received from the community and artists, we decided to take this a notch higher. We decided to do a festival. The only proper techno music festival in India, again filling a major void in the country and we did . – Vijay Kumar
The LOCALS DISTRICT website is up and ready. You can check it out here. You can also find them on Facebook here.
Get ready, we’re getting all set for a 72 hour banger with some more of the countries finest electronic music acts.


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