We all have faced indecisiveness when it comes to deciding what song/genre/artist to listen to. After multiple rounds we end up dead-beat (no pun intended) and eventually settle for an old song or playlist.

In a bid to solve this unique mind-boggling problem, Kochi-based Padath Infotainment has developed a social app called ‘SocialMob’.

SocialMob is a music and content application that aims to connect like-minded people at a global level. Individuals who share similar social interests in music, entertainment, food and travel can connect with each other through the app on a commutual basis. To increase user-app interaction, it comes with an “Instant Messaging” feature to let users exchange messages.

Driven by artificial intelligence, the app customizes itself and gives appropriate recommendations to users based on their psychology and preferences of various genres.

“With ‘SocialMob,’ we aspire to provide a secure platform for music aficionados and uplift independent artists across the globe. By leveraging AI, we are able to connect users with similar interests and create one global community ,” said Aghin Johnson, CEO at Padath Infotainment.

The initial aim of the app was to provide a common platform for independent artists across the world who are moderately popular and have a dedicated fan following. It has been reported that once the app reaches one lakh downloads, the company plans to give a financial benefit to the artists as well.

Artificial Intelligence Engine

The app currently consists of 450 songs of independent artists thus adding up to 5,000 plus hours of music. In addition to exclusive content, this dynamic app also has a radio feature and an ‘off-beat magazine’ that publishes articles written by in-house writers and bloggers.

More than 750 articles have been published and are delivered to users based on their search habits.

Not only that, the home screen of the app adjusts itself based on the user’s preferences.

“Different people have different musical tastes. On the basis of your interest whether it is rock, melody, western or DJ Hits, songs will pop up on the home screen,” said Jithin.

The advertisements that appear on the app are also adjusted according to the user’s choices.

So far, SocialMob represents 500 independent artists and there have been more than 10000+ downloads.

Padath Infotainment plans to boost in-house developments like “SocialMob” and “Muses Studio” which will focus on promoting independent Indian music, aiming at a 10 million user base in the next five years.

SocialMob can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store and iOS.

Image Credit: SocialMob FB Page


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