It’s almost impossible that you’ve not heard the name of Kavya Trehan. If you haven’t heard of her, you’ve surely seen her – either on some TV ad or on the runway on some fashion show, or in some magazine! Kavya Trehan, who originally started out as a musician is an all around genius! The Music Business is a business that is very hard to maintain and it is the working model of people like Kavya Trehan that showcase how your business can be maximised to the fullest.

So, as she released her very first single ‘Underscore’ for the first time under her own moniker, we decided to have a conversation with her to talk about what led to the release of this single and all the behind the scenes work around it.

Loudest: Considering you’ve been involved in so many projects through the years (and continue to do so), where did the inspiration for a solo project come from’?

Kavya: I had the most amazing time learning from incredible musicians from all the projects I have been a part of. However, truth be told, the solo performer in me was born in 1993 itself and she never left. This project is the rebirth of that very artist – one thats been waiting to celebrate having total control. It is time for me to be able to write, learn, and experience the world independently so that I can express myself as honestly as possible.

Loudest: What was the inspiration behind the song? Is it indicative of more music you’re going to release under your own moniker? 

Kavya: Underscore” is actually an affirmation to myself of not taking things too seriously in life. Like everyone else, I’ve had my share of lesson-learning experiences, but my instinct went for more of a spin-off than a heavy track and it became inspiring to write something that allows me to carry on through the falls just to get up and fall again! 

This moniker is her to stay! The freedom it allows me to share is addictive. And yes, lot’s more music releases are lined up for the future.
 Loudest:  How important do you think the PR process leading upto the release of a project is? What are some of the things that you always pay attention to/paid attention to with this single? 

Kavya: I believe 80% of one’s release relies on heavy duty marketing skills. Every song has a story, that story has a human writing it and listeners want to relate to that very human. Thus, I have paid painstaking amounts of attention to how I wish to share my story. From the font, the colours, the frames and even the clothes that I’m wearing, because these very details make me the storyteller, that I am.   

 Loudest:  Your song went to No. 1 on the iTunes chart! How do you feel about that? How important do you think streaming services have become in today’s industry?

Kavya: I feel humbled because I think I made my mom proud! As for streaming services, they are very important in the industry. Music is made so that it can be shared and they have made music not only easily accessible across the globe but also created a platform that promotes sharing and exploration of new artists. In the core of it all, they allow an artist from India to be heard in Japan, now that’s something!

 Loudest:  You have your foot in many different projects and industries. Do you think that process helps you with promoting your music? If so, how much? 

Kavya: You know, I have always received exclamatory expressions as a response to the many hats that I voluntarily wear. However, it’s so normal for me to be invested in everything from fashion, films, acting, painting and interior decoration because they all do end up contributing to my music career in one way or another. Think about it, from the art direction in my music videos to the graphical representation of the posters, to the outfits I wear on tours. It’s this attention to details that forms the core foundation of my self-expression. And honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s wonderful to see that there’s artists like Kavya who think the immense amount of work they do are just another way of expressing themselves. It’s this attitude and idea that largely helps her to take on numerous projects that eventually allows her to make her music. ‘Underscore’ is a brilliant example of that. There is no question that Kavya is a very talented musician, but the song sounds great and now that the music video is out, it serves as a real testament to all the hard work that she has put into her craft all these years. Check it out below and see for yourself:

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