Magnetic Fields is an independent festival that was founded by artists for like-minded people. It is produced by Wild City, Kunal Lodhia, Smita Singh Rathore, THOT and Alsisar Mahal with support from Red Bull Music, Renault, Jameson, Saavn, Resident Advisor, Goethe-Institut, Border Movement, Embassy of Israel and Luxembourg Export Office.

Magnetic Fields, over the past five years, has established itself as one of the most stimulating, contemporary arts and music festivals in the world. Tickets for the sixth edition of the experiential music festival went on sale yesterday and is available here.

The three-day festival will take place from December 14 to 16 at Alsisar Mahal, a stately 17th century palace that provides the perfect backdrop for Magnetic Fields’ handpicked showcase of music and the arts.

Magnetic Fields has caught the fancy of fans and artists from around the world with its immersive and curated festival experience. The festival, that has grown by 300 per cent since its debut in 2013, promises a sensorial adventure unlike any other on the Indian circuit.

Just under six hours from Delhi, Alsisar Mahal beckons those with a sense of history and adventure. The palace rooms – with its combination of modern comfort in a heritage setting – have proven to be a very popular choice and in fact, sold out in just under 22 minutes in 2016. An Alsisar Mahal package for two people, inclusive of tickets, will cost Rs 92,000.

The Packages

With a variety of accommodation packages available, festival attendees have the option of either staying in a palace or camping in the desert. Three-day festival entry tickets, to be bought with accommodation packages, are available from Rs 6,000 whilst those looking to organise their own accommodation will pay Rs 10,000 onwards for a festival ticket.

A limited offer for the three-day festival will see super early bird tickets being sold for Rs 6,000. After that category sells out, early birds will be available for Rs 7,000 and then the price will settle at Rs 8,500.

An Alsisar Mahal package for two people, inclusive of tickets, will cost Rs 92,000.

The more adventurous option is the Bedouin village with luxury tents and cocktails around a campfire. With its own lounge, the camping site will also have its own stage, Renault Desert Oasis, bars and art installations.

This year, two-person and three-person Bedouin tents – complete with beds, electrical points, toiletries and blankets – are available for Rs 32,000. Prices do not include tickets.

The number of campers has grown each year and the festival has acquired more land to ensure all attendees have sufficient space to pitch tents and more area to stretch their legs. The ‘pitch your tent’ option is available at Rs 3,500 per person (without ticket), and will have access to the same lounge and stage as the rest of the campers. Alternatively, you can rent a fully equipped two-person classic camping tent for Rs 14,500 for the festival.

Fields 2018

Accommodation type Cost for two attendees (accommodation + super early bird tickets; without taxes)
Double Palace room package Rs 92,000 (includes two tickets)
Bedouin tent for two Rs 32,000 + Rs 12,000 = Rs 44,000
Bedouin tent for three Rs 32,000 + Rs 18,000 = Rs 50,000
Classic tent for two Rs 14,500 + Rs 12,000 = Rs 26,500
Pitch your own tent for one person Rs 3,500 + Rs 6,000 = Rs 9,500
Ticket without accommodation package Rs 10,000 onwards


Theme for #MagFields2018

The festival, like every year, will be limited capacity, and promises to be an immersive, curated experience unlike any other on the Indian circuit.

The theme for 2018 is illumination – an exploration of light and its defining properties: speed, reflection and colour. The theme will be explored onsite through art installations, decor and stage design.

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