It’s time to rebuild lives in Kerala! The waters may be receding but this is when Kerala’s people need our help the most. House Concert Delhi is proud to present theReBuild Kerala Concert with Aditi Ramesh, Angad Katari & Cha’bi for the Delhi audience.

What is House Concert Delhi?

House Concert Delhi is a first-of-its-kind, artist-focused initiative in India that has been working towards creating niches for art within the hustle and bustle of the city. Each concert brings together music, arts and culture to the intimacy of homes and unconventional private spaces. The movement is completely volunteer-driven and strives to give a different flavour to each session, derived from inputs provided by the participating community. The hosts, artistes and the community together make each session a success.

The concerts are funded by the audience through a pay-what-you-can model, with all contributions going directly to the artistes.

House Concert Delhi provides spaces, facilities and audiences for musicians and other artistes – from theatre, poetry, art and film – to showcase original content and talent. The movement has actively cultivated an audience that seeks and is receptive to original content. Furthermore, each concert is an embodiment of ‘DIY’ in the way it is put together.

After the success in Delhi, they also have chapters in Mumbai and Bengaluru. Few of the artistes who have performed at the sessions include: Tejas Menon, Tajdar Junaid, Menwhopause, Gowri, Vernon Noronha, Shantanu Pandit, among others.


What is ReBuild Kerala Concert?

The ReBuild Kerala Concert will be a DIY fundraiser concert to enable independent singer-songwriters for performing outside of mainstream live music venues for promoting original music and a noble cause. All money that will be sent to the state via PHIA Foundation.

Performing all of their original songs the artists will be live on 2 September 2018, 7 pm onwards at a secret location in DelhiWith Aditi Ramesh, Angad Katari andCha’bi’s dedication towards making memorable music and House Concert Delhi’s affinity towards making every concert enthralling, this association is as unforgettable as it can get.

This House Concert was planned for doing the teams bit in helping fellow brothers and sisters who have suffered due to the floods. 

Now is the time to rebuild the lives and this our way of contributing to the cause. It is great to be part of the Rebuild Kerala Concert and see 3 musicians from different genres and walks of life coming together for a common cause. We are happy with the response of the people towards this concert as we are booked out for the evening.

House Concert was hosted in Bangalore on August 26 where they raised INR 6000 and looking to raise around INR 20,000 for this Delhi session, this will be followed by the next one in Bombay in 2nd week of September.

The line up:

Aditi Ramesh
Aditi Ramesh is an exemplary vocalist, songwriter and producer with a herculean voice complimented by a range of techniques and tonal modulations. Having been inspired by the blues, jazz and traditional Carnatic music in which she has been trained in her childhood, her organic exploration into different genres ever since has been a hallmark of her development.


Angad Katari

Angad Katari is a Delhi based indie singer/songwriter, from being a drummer in the past to a singer/songwriter, he released his debut Album Titled “LOST” In November 2017, with a packed house at Akshara Theatre. Angad’s music has more of an acoustic feel to it, he prefers to keep the arrangement of his songs as simple and as groovy while he manages to get the essence of his lyrics across to the audience.



They are poly-genre, multi-lingual musicians. A duo inspired by western music and their compositions is their take on it.

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