By Priyaanka Mathur
The Indian Music Industry has shifted from physical to digital at a very rapid pace,so why do the regional small labels stand vulnerable in the midst of the changing scenario when there is so much happening brings in interesting insights at IMI Regional Panel, Fair Value Roadmap in Mumbai writes Priyaankaa Mathur.

Atul Churamani,Managing Director Turnkey Music, while moderating the session brought down the evolution of music from 1997 to 2018, how it evolved from days of selling Casettes, then CD’s and then now a digital era of numerous streaming, downloading opportunities.

Sagarika Das from Sagarika Music( Marathi) spoke from the point of an independent label by saying,
Over the years we started off with albums and the amount of moneys that were invested then we’re in a calculated way,keeping in mind the ROI. When the physical market disappeared so did our confidence, to invest in new products.The problem is that if we invest today,we don’t know what will be the returns and the rates at which it will come back.Moreover the IPRS collections dropped because of societies have internal problems. Also, 90 percentage radio slots are  allotted to Bollywood Music,Marathi Music has no play in Mumbai.
Mahua Lahiri,Ashamed Audio( Bengali) said,
Now we are at a fix where to invest, since physical is finished absolutely,we have a catalogue for over 23 years,and we can’t sell it for free,moreover the rates on the net are so low like 10 paisa per download,how one can get the investment back.We need the support of the radio to spread local languages since it’s a very strong medium and even to launch new artists too
Atul Churamani pointed on the importance of looking at the mater by the government for every single radio station to take an IPRS  and a PPL licensed,that are running equivalent to a pirate website,who run the content without paying the much deserved revenues.Even advertisers need to be told not to play music on stations that don’t have licences,since all there revenue comes from music.
Santhosh Kumar, Think Music (Telugu) highlighted on the issue by saying 
Yes, the Radio channels send NOC with a clause for perpetual rights for streaming and not paying any revenue, if not signed they won’t play regional film music on their channels.
Adding to the point,Aditya Gupta, Aditya Music( Telugu) said,
Yes the radio channels and also the local TV both are a challenge in terms of revenue as they either don’t pay or pay low value, no royalties come from news channels too, our only source of revenue are the digital channels, from where we need to get revenues for the entire catalogue that we have licensed.
Balwinder Singh, Speed Records,
Our music is very popular ever since and be it India or Canada we get revenues from across the globe wherever the Punjabi community is and people from across the globe love Punjabi music, that’s its inherent quality. I’m glad today regional music labels have come to forefront to address our issues on this platform and I would like to address about statutory licensing here. A licencee needs freedom to sell ones music to anyone and earn revenue,there needs to be no limitations  such as price fixations.
Commenting on Punjabi Regional Music labels Atul said,
Punjabi music industry has its own radio and TV channels like PTC,that support both film and non film content.Today PTC has 3 channels,where all have licences and pay due revenues.The Punjabi labels have huge catalogues,that national companies are buying and they have a robust internet market as well,so the point is when it can be done in one state why other states follow this model too?


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