By Priyaankaa Mathur
Javed Akhtar Chairman IPRS proactively appeals to inculcate traditional values in children from a very young age in a tet-e- tet with at IMI Conference writes Priyaankaa Mathur
Talking on the need to inculcate Indian values in children Akhtar said:
“From a very young age children needs to be exposed to Indian music, traditional arts and that needs to be a part of school curriculums, so that children develop a taste to appreciate Indian music, Ghazals and other genres. Indian music industry is dominated with Bollywood because it sells, and it has more buyers and that’s how the business works. To bring change the society needs to show significant urge to listen to other genres too and that needs to be inculcated from a very young age amongst our children and the youth. If our arts and traditional music is given patronage and encouragement from the society,the music industry will definitely be forced to do it. It is the responsibility of the society to tell the seller what they want to buy.”
Emphasising on the importance of artists in the society Akhtar said:
The good will an artists commands in any society across the world is unparalleled.Since it’s the poet, a musician or an artist that connects to a better side  or the most sensitive side of a human being. At any point of time whenever the society or the governments have needed them, the artists have always stood  by them in the midst of political situations, wars, oppositions helping the society.This is one power that cannot be substituted and is too precious to be lost. The real stakeholders are the creative people and the artists of the industry who create music,and we need to provide them with the right position and the right shares that they deserve that will make this industry more powerful.
Talking on Piracy being a concern, Akhtar said:
Technology is moving ahead with leaps and bounds, before you get accustomed to one a new one arrives.The industry is investing billions of dollars and the doors are opening, but we don’t have a watchman to check it since everytime the law becomes outdated, so people take an advantage.The need of the hour is to update our laws in congruence with the growing technological advancements, so that people don’t take advantage and break them.We all need to stay united, so that the governments and the judiciary can grant us the support we seek, to fight those who infringe it.
Javed Akhtar chairman IPRS was addressing the keynote at Indian Music Industry (IMI)  Conference. He sensitised the Indian Music Industry professionals by appealing to all the stakeholders to stay united, starting with an analogy by saying,

Since the civilization emerged 5000 years ago man sat on a obsolete horse, but the last two hundred years became path-breaking for the mankind in terms of technological development, similarly last two years have been the most important for the Indian music industry, as it saw some major changes because of which it today thrives to reach its full potential. Today, we all work together the stakeholders, labels, producers and the artists, and with the support of the governments both current and previous, the bill came in existence that changed the scenario, that could have not happened without their patronage.


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