SmashUps – A platform for female DJs to showcase their special Bollywood Mixes!

9X Media has come up with a brilliant and an apt platform for female DJs in this heavily male dominated Indian scene. Now female DJs can showcase their special mixes on 9X Media’s new platform called “SmashUps”. 9X Media which is popular amongst the ardent music lovers across languages, has collaborated with the very talented female DJs of India for their popular Bollywood mixes. SmashUps aims to highlight and boost the female DJs across India and provide them with much deserved exposure.

Leading DJs like DJ Shilpi Sharma, DJ Rink , DJ Shireen and DJ Ashrafi have already launched their mixes on “SmashUps”. The mixes by DJ Paroma, DJ Candice, DJ Syrah and DJ Barkha Kaul will also go on air very soon. The eclectic mix of the most popular Bollywood songs feature regularly for months on Smashups, which is aired on 9XM and 9X Jalwa. In the recent past, Smashups have already featured popular male DJs including Aqeel, Suketu, Kiran Kamath, Aman Nagpal and Notorious.

With the underrepresented female DJs across various communities, cities, age-groups a platform like Smashups by 9X Media Network gives these talented artists a great deal of boost. The Network believes in constantly providing a platform to promote the much deserved musical talent be it originals or Smashups.

We as the country’s leading music channels always want to innovate and reach out to good
deserving talent, be it launching mixes or originals. We want us to be the go to destination for every talented musician in the country and we have already taken massive steps in that direction. Having already launched a lot of male DJs in the past, I always felt women DJs were never taken seriously in the country, until recently. We want us to continuing giving the deserving women DJs a platform to showcase their work to the music lovers!

– Ms. Rajitta Hemwaani, Sr. Vice President, Creative Content & New Business 9X Media
Pvt Ltd said

Keep watching 9XM and 9X Jalwa to cheer on your favourite female DJs and get the party started anywhere with their exclusive mixes only on SmashUps!


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