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Indie Week – Showcase Easy Wanderlings

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There are few bands that leave you with a feel-good vibe long after the concert is over. One such young band called Easy Wanderlings recently captured my attention when I heard them live at Piano Man in Delhi where they crooned an audience that is usually accustomed to Jazz to their Indie-pop genre and left us wanting more.

The Pune-based band often uses everyday conversations to create their positive and emotional songs. Their album “As written in the stars” released in August 2017 and since then they have been busy touring the metros and playing at renowned music festivals such as NH7 Weekender, and most known house concerts’ platforms such as Sofar Sounds.

The band consists of nine members but they had eleven on stage at NH7 Weekender Pune last year. Lead vocalists Pratika Gopinath, 21, and Parmarth Rai, 28, acoustic guitar player Sanyanth Naroth, 28, electric guitar player Sharad Rao, 22, bassist Malay Vadalkar, 29, keyboardist Nitin Muralikrishna, 22, drummer Abraham Zachariah, 24, flautist Siya Ragade 15, and violinist Shardul Bapat, 22, make up the core membership, the majority of whom studied at the Foundation for Liberal Management and Education college in Pune.

Roadtrip music

What makes their sound different is that it is a medley of different genres that are not heavy stitched together, like soul to pop, to indie folk. Even with all that diversity in the music, you can play the music they create on loop, which easily blends into the background of everyday life.

If you ever feel like going on a road trip with music or want to feel the warmth of a crackling fire on a cold day through sounds, their album will call out to you and keep you occupied.

Dream to keep them going

The band has quickly gained popularity in the country which is looking for a fresh sound and they have managed to land gigs at most major music venues and have set their sights on a US tour due to high demand from fans in the States, according to a report.

Not just that, their US connection is set to get stronger as they are releasing music with a lot of Motown influence.

The band consists of twenty-somethings who insist that all of them have a say in every song they create. With more new music expected to release in 2019, Easy Wanderlings make for a great indie feature as their sound is as fresh as their different personalities.

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