VH1 Dedicates 7Hours To The Evolution Of Indie Music This Independance Day

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It’s no surprise to be celebrating Independent music over Indian Independence Day. While has been on it so have many other across the music industry. One of the striking ones include 7 hours of Independent Music on VH1 on the 15th of August. 72 years of struggling greatness is what we have achieved as a nation. The fight for indie music isn’t that long but has been equally strong.

There is a lot of truth in the fact that Indian Indie Music Industry has come a long way. The Indian Independent scene has reached a crescendo and this is its journey! The Indian Alternative Music since its inception in the early ’80s is reaching every corner of the country as well as some parts of the world. Today the Indian Independent music scene has been its best and most diverse in years. But this wasn’t always the case, the only two things considered mainstream were cricket and Bollywood, but under the wraps of a Bollywood-obsessed entertainment scene, there existed a burgeoning independent Indian music industry writing/producing their original music in English and this Independence Day, Vh1 takes you through the evolution of that scene in India.

Celebrating our 72nd Independence Day, Vh1 Sound Nation chronicles 72 pathbreakers who were determined, passionate, young and rebellious who carved their own Niche in a Bollywood dominated industry. From being a genre that only catered to the elite, the musical journey of these artists/bands from being nothing to something is nothing short of phenomenal.

Here are the list of artists featured on VH1:

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