Hip-hop is still emerging in South-Asia. In fact, a lot of South-Asian population don’t consider it a genre. Bollywood recognizes rap as a commercial element. However, like any other industry, hip-hop has an underground. Artists including Honey Singh, Badshah, Divine & others have made their way through it.

One such fine artist from Mohali, Punjab is Sikander Kahlon. As a matter of fact, he started off in 2009 as a rookee. Today, he is one of the finest artists in Indian hip-hop. Sikander has a proper hold on Punjabi rap and knows almost everything about western hip-hop. He has released several underground mix-tapes throughout his career. He is the founding member of his crew Kala Kurta Gang.

Sikander witnessed his first record deal with Punjabi hit-maker Manj Musik in 2016. Manj from RDB signed Sikander to his independent label, Muzik One Records. As a result, his break-through single Chal Chaliye came out in 2016. The track was a MTV Spoken Word exclusive. In addition, Sikander wrote Lak Hilaade for Manj Musik which featured Raftaar. Sikander has earned his share of reputation in all of these years. People respect and fear him at the same time. Divine has collaborated with him on several tracks during their time in the underground.

Sikander & Bollywood.

Bollywood flick Jaane Kyun De Yaaron was Sikander’s first Bollywood project. The movie featured Gucci Dress which was produced, written and performed by Sikander himself. The track featured his crew-member Sady Immortal as well. Abhishek Bachchan & Taapsee Pannu starer Manmarziyaan is around the corner.

Manmarziyaan is set for it’s release in September of 2018. First single from the movie F for Fyaar came out recently. In addition, Sikander has recorded the rap verse. While people are busy in debating about hip-hop’s future, artists like him have secured their way on their own. The song is available on all digital platforms for you to play.


A hip-hop artist who keeps a close eye on the world around him.

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