Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited is a powerhouse of music. In fact, their business name, T-Series is one of the most powerful labels in India. According to the figures available on the internet, T-Series is a $100 Billion company. In other words, Bhushan Kumar, CMD T-Series, has made T-Series a brand. YouTube declared T-Series’ channel as the first one to reach fifty million subscribers. In addition, T-Series generates more than two-hundred crore views annually on their YouTube channel. On the other hand, T-Series has produced nine movies in 2017 and has twelve in pipeline for 2018.

“I’m not a passive investor, I’m an active producer. My budgets are tough and I don’t let the director spending money for passion.”, said Bhushan Kumar.

However, T-Series was not in Bhushan’s plan. He was only 19 years old when he joined T-Series. T-Series commenced business in 1983. Lt. Gulshan Kumar Dua founded it on a small scale to sell pirated Bollywood songs. Gradually, they stepped into Bollywood. Aashiqui came out in 1990 under T-Series and changed company’s fate forever. Nadeem-Shravan produced the music for the movie. Unfortunately, Gulshan was shot dead on August 12, 1997.

Gulshan came out of Jeeteshwar Mahadev Mandir in Mumbai when the attack happened. The news shook the world. Nadeem-Shravan were topping the charts. Unfortunately, Nadeem was accused to be the mastermind of the incident. However, Abdul Rauf Merchant aka Raja surrendered to Police in 2001. Raja came out as the murderer of Gulshan Kumar. The killing of Gulshan Kumar occured due to an extortion argument with D-Company. This was unfortunate. Music analysts claims that Indian music industry never grew on that level again.


Aamir Khan’s production house and T-Series are creating the biopic of Gulshan Kumar. The movie is under works for it’s release on Christmas, 2019. The title of the movie is Mogul – The Gulshan Kumar Story. Subhash Kapoor is directing the movie. He has delivered Jolly LLB franchise. In addition, Bhushan Kumar wanted Akshay Kumar to play the role of his father. Akshay agreed. Gulshan Grover will be playing the role of Dawood Ibrahim.

Akshay Kumar posted a poster of Mogul in 2017. Due to creative differences, Akshay stepped off but Bhushan Kumar managed to get him on the board again. In fact, the poster had a releasing date of 2018 but Mogul was delayed. As a matter of fact, T-Series confirmed the movie for 2019 via Twitter. See the tweet here.

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