Music industry is competitive. To minimize the competition, artists try to create new paths. One such path was created by Annette Philip in 2003. In other words, Annette founded Artistes Unlimited (AU) to create a non-competitive environment for musicians. On the other hand, Annette is a musician herself. She is a pianist, vocalist and a composer who knows how to arrange music as well. In addition, Annette is a choral specialist and a voice-over artist as well.

Likewise, Annette is the founder and artistic director of Berklee India Exchange. Berklee India Exchange or BIX is a platform for cultural conversations. Luckily, They are organizing workshops in India now. As a matter of fact, the cultural workshops will be conducted in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune and Bangalore.

Award-winning vocal ensemble, Women of the World will hosting these workshops in India along with a guest percussionist. On the other hand, the ensemble itself is global. They have performed in North America, Europe & Asia in more than 32 languages. In addition, the focus of the workshop is Indian music. In fact, Women of the World‘s latest live-album was deemed eligible for a Grammy nomination. On the other hand, there are concerts with workshops. The ensemble will perform in each city where the workshops are being conducted.

Details of the workshop

Saturday, August 11 – BIX Vocal Forum

It will focus on vocal technique, vocal anatomy and vocal health.  The workshop will include discussions on music as a career and singing in groups. This master-class will focus on choral and a capella concepts. The class will include circle songs. If you’re a music enthusiast, this workshop will definitely widen your knowledge. If you’re a parent or a teacher, we encourage you to attend this. However, the registrations are based on first come, first served basis. Vasant Valley School, Vasant Kunj are their collaborating organization.

The talk points of the workshop will include:

  • Details about Berklee India Exchange
  • Scope of music as a profession in India
  • Future of music in India
  • Music education in India as compared with western countries.
  • Courses offered by Berklee India Exchange
  • Future plans of Berklee India Exchange and future workshops

In other words, the members of Women of the World are from different parts of the world. The workshop will widen your knowledge about different cultural approaches when it comes to music.



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