A panel discussion on Live Music Entertainment and Interactive Media was held at Music Inc 2018. The panel consisted of Deepak Gattani (Director – Rapport Global Events) as the moderator of the panel along with Gaurav Mehta (Founder, CEO – Quidditch Innovations Lab Pvt Ltd), Rahul Merchant (Founder, CEO – Luminosity), Karan Singh (CEO – Percept), Varun Khare (General Manager – Orangejuice Entertainment), Kapil Sharma (Sr. Vice President, Marketing & PR – 9X Media), Deepak Choudhary (Founder & Director – Event Capital) and Keerthivasan Subramanian (CEO – Playtoome.com) as the other panelists.

The discussion started with a question for Keerthivasan about his journey in live entertainment and his vision for the live entertainment bushiness with his new project Playtoome (a live entertainment hub where you can watch Concerts, performances as they happen. To find out more click here) . Keerthi spoke on his decision to start his new venture and reminisced about past major events he had worked on and the struggles surrounding these major events. Deepak highlighted that Playtoome is a great solution that bridges the gap of infrastructural problems faced by event companies and brings in time management for performing artists.

If we were to offer a solution to the consumer, where a consumer can watch the artist of his choice performing for him at the price of a movie ticket, if it is technologically possible then why not! and that’s how Playtoome happened. – Keerthivasan

The next question was for Rahul Merchant about his views on Live Entertainment media and the role of live and interactive media in promotional activities and marketing big festivals. He spoke about how the influx of technology in marketing has brought about an immersive experience and has made the audience realize the importance of immersive content. And the most effective way to do this is through direct engagement between the artist and audience. Rahul spoke on data collection for big festivals in order to cater to the consumers more effectively in the future and the importance of curating events along with brands for optimized brand integration and also brands coming up with interesting content for consumers.

We need to stop thinking about what has been done traditionally, I think that’s the starting point.

Mass media, traditional forms of marketing are just going to be awareness creators. We will have to look at things that will allow us to immerse with the content or the experience. If one cant physically go there, then that can be brought to where you are, is actually whats going to happen and take center stage. – Rahul Merchant

Gaurav Mehta shed light on incorporating technology in interactive media and the work he has accomplished with his company Quidditch Innovations for festivals like NH7 and brands like Bacardi. Quidditch Innovations set up a VR booth during the NH7 weekender for concert goers to experience the entire festival from a roller coaster POV which was shot through Drone cameras to create the entire festival map. Karan Singh spoke on focusing on content creation which  will help to reach out to a wider audience in the long run and also give the desired numbers during brand integration and also working with brands on content.

The last couple of years, the transition we have seen is to become more of a content platform as well. That is the only way we can grow exponentially, take the experience to millions of people which obviously works out well for the brands as well – Karan Singh

Kapil Sharma from 9XO was asked how Television media can be incorporated into interactive and live ecosystem to which he answered that Television Media have their own digital platforms and constant collaborations with on going events helps them bridge that gap. He also said that Music Festivals and Concerts are promoted through their Television Medium. 9XO media also curates ‘Tashan Nights’ a 10k-15k audience event targeted for regional audiences in Punjab which is then packaged and broadcasted on their regional channel.

Varun Khare spoke about brand integration with Mahindra for Mahindra Blues Festival, and how the brand was able to connect with their consumers through their property. Deepak Choudhary spoke about his company Event Capital and curation of Music Events like Bollywood Music Project. Deepak also pointed out that concert tickets are easier to sell than festival tickets.


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