Decoding Sacred Games Season One’s Soundtrack

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While the country and the world sits with bated breath to find out what’s happens in the next season of Sacred Games, we decided to look bad at Season One and find out how the music has added to the highly-rated Netflix series.

Chasing Nostalgia 

The series starts with an old favorite Lata Mangeshkar, Manna Dey track ‘Dharti Kahe Pukaar Ke’ and the opening scene where Ganesh kills Jojo leaves a chilling impact that gives a clue into what’s to come.

The second song creeps into the bar scene where Sartaj Singh meets his work partner and reminisces about his ex-wife and laments about his career.

By playing to nostalgic numbers, the OST starts with a bang and reconnects the past into the present, much like the series.

Disco Deewane

The second episode features an original song called ‘Disco in the Night’ featuring singer Shalmali Kholgade. It adds to the theme with its peppy tune and catchy lyrics which play perfectly into the fight that Ganesh gets into with the local gang.

Another catchy number ‘Dance Capital’ sung by Shivi adds to the drama in the scene when Gaitonde enters the club and watches Kukoo dance for the first time.

It also plays into the tension between him and Isa as he challenges his position in Mumbai as a ganglord and as Kukoo’s lover.

Teething Tensions

The fourth episode features another original titled ‘Dhuan Dhuan’ sung by Mamta Singh and Pallavi Roy which is a background music to another bar fight but this time he manages to steal Kukoo away from Isa after a tense shootout. It doesn’t stand out but it isn’t meant to.

Bollywood Glam

The sixth episode features another memorable track titled ‘Labon Se Chhukar’ sung by Jyotika Tangri which features Zoya Mirza, the actress whose role in the plot remains unclear as she features in an item song that relays the glamorous and myriad life she has lived. While the romantic numbers featuring women are almost item songs, the lyrics reveal deeper meaning and add to the plot in terms of highlighting the role of these women in Gaitonde’s life.

The seventh episode features another original song titled ‘Tabahi’ featuring singer Mamta Singh and actress Zoya Mirza is seen in her role naturally as a glamorous star featured in another item song.

While this song is forgetful it adds to the Bollywood aspect of the series highlighting how much it shapes our entertainment and the power it yields all the while making the series also more accessible to new Netflix users who might be attracted to Netflix thanks to the Bollywood-heavy cast.

Background no more 

The background scores that make the thrilling drama series so encapturing are all composed by the talented Alokananda Dasgupta who is also responsible for the entire OST.

While Netflix has not officially released the soundtrack, the sound added the dramatic effects to all episodes and even added the spice to the already interesting story. The intro theme and the theme song will probably never leave the viewers’ imagination much like the story that is yet to be revealed in Season Two.

The series and the soundtrack seemed like a conscious effort to amalgamate Bollywood’s best features with Netflix’s award-winning storytelling and it worked wonderfully.

The series’ theme reminded me of the ‘Lost’ series which was just as dramatic as the series itself.

As the new thriller series that everyone is watching and watching out for, we can’t wait to see what’s next in store in Season Two OST.

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