T-Series has chosen to partner with PPL once again. In other words, Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) will be handling public performance license for T-Series. This is an exclusive arrangement. The preponderance of PPL’s business in the Indian music market is the biggest now. The list of PPL’s partners includes Saregama, Sony Music, Universal Music, Venus, Aditya, Lahari Music, etc. They handle business for international majors in the country while offering a broad palette of hits to license holders. Likewise, PPL will control everything from old Hindi classics to ‘Abhi To Party Shuru Hui Hai‘ for T-Series.

“We have had a long association with PPL and are further very happy with the positive changes taking place under the new management. T-Series is poised to harness its true potential in the coming years. I am honored to be a part it”, says Bhushan Kumar, MD & Chairman of T-Series.

Mr. Rajat Kakar is the Managing Director of PPL. He said, “We are delighted to renew our association with T Series. No party can play hits without their roster. Increase in our licensing footprint by the renewal of this proclamation is being awaited by our teams and licensees alike. In fact, 2018 marks as a decade of our partnership with T-Series. PPL welcomes Mr. Bhushan Kumar on the PPL board of directors. We wish for a great future together”.

What is PPL and why is it so important?

PPL India is a collective rights management organization. International Federation of Phonographic Industries (IFPI) affiliates them. In fact, PPL monetizes public performances for global labels and radio broadcasts for their members. PPl represents over 270 labels. Over 800,000 Indian works and more than 1.5 Million International works are represented by PPL as well.

Hotels, clubs, retail stores, etc. like to play music at their venues for events. Payments, regarding royalties, are meant to be paid to the artist. Venues have to take a license for permission from PPL to play music. They protect the copyrights for their license holders while making sure that the royalties are being paid.

T-Series is the leading Hindi music label. In fact, T-Series’ YouTube channel has 50 million subscribers. As a result, they’re the second most subscribed channel in the world. However, T-Series has stepped in the film studio business as well. They produce 8-10 movies annually. T-Series’ partnership with PPL will bring T-Series to a new front.


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