Kanwar Yatra holds it’s significance through mythology. As a result, followers of Hinduism travel across the country to bring Ganga water back home. However, sometimes it gets tricky for Uttarakhand government to manage the festival. Use of loudspeakers was another problem for the state government.

Government’s plans on controlling the use of Loudspeakers

Last year, Uttarakhand government banned the use of loudspeakers. Police were sent across different states to make sure that the admonition is being taken seriously. Similarly, Garwal Commissioner has directed the Mela administration a few days ago to check on the use of loudspeakers. While the force was trying to take appropriate measures, the government’s decision has left them no choice.

“We can’t ban the use of loudspeakers as the Yatra has commenced already. This is not fair.”, says Uttarakhand government’s spokesperson, Madan Kaushik.

Devotees come from different parts of the country to Uttarakhand. Hence, the government affirms soft approach for their ease. People prepare for this Yatra from months and government has no plans for demoralizing them. In fact, he further suggested that their primary aim is to make sure that the devotees are safe. District and mela administrations are making sure that devotees complete their Yatra and go back home with ease. Control over the situation peacefully is the need of the hour.

Mamta Vohra is the Kanwar Mela force in-charge. She suggests that the police is handling the masses properly and use of loudspeakers will be a controlled measure.

Uttar Pradesh has allowed the use of loudspeakers in their state since Yogi Adityanath became the Chief Minister. Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad are supporting the use of loudspeakers in Uttarakhand similarly. Swami Yatishwaranand has recently opposed district’s policies towards the ban of loudspeakers in the Yatra.

But, what is the problem with loudspeakers when it comes to music?

Street performers are complaining about their freedom getting jeopardize by the law; the freedom of performing on the streets with the use of amplifiers and speakers. The world knows that political rallies, weddings etc. have been using loudspeakers on the roads. When it comes to music, hypocrisy kicks in.

The law suggests the requirements of permissions prior the performance. Musicians complaints when the performances are impromptu. Furthermore, they suggest that the law misbehaves with musicians verbally and sometimes even physically. Instruments, amplifiers and other equipment gets seized at times. Some of Delhi’s promising hip-hop artists have recorded the same incident on their Facebook live last year. The cops misbehaved, public was mum, FIR was recorded and equipment was destroyed.

There have been a handful of similar incidents in Delhi alone. Imagine how the musicians suffers across the country. People can’t play loud music in their vehicles because that causes noise pollution, as per law. Weddings, private events can’t have music on after 11 PM because that is illegal. What do you guys feel about the situation with loudspeakers? Is this hypocrisy or the need of the hour? Let us know in the comments down below.


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