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In a bid to promote regional music, IPRS goes local

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The Indian Performing Right Society (IPRS) is the sole body in the country that is authorized to issue licenses, administer rights, and collect royalties for authors, composers, lyricists, and music publishers.

In a move to increase local participation, the IPRS is setting up regional committees that will advise the council on industry matters and relay IPRS policies to the regional members and authorities. Starting with Chennai, Tamil Nadu this month, the committee has expressed interest in moving away from its Bollywood-centric processes and discussions and is looking to reach out to local talent in search of patrons.

A Background

The committee was founded in 1969 and it currently has over 4000 members spread across the country.

The society is headquartered out of Mumbai and has twelve administrative offices in different cities.

The recent move is in light of its recent re-registration under the amended Copyright Act and the society hopes to encourage members in other states to set up similar committees to grow the local music industries.

In light of the event, Javed Akhtar, Chairman, IPRS told TNN,”We are starting with South India which is the country’s largest music producer and talent exporter with internationally acclaimed artists such as A.R. Rahman and Ilayaraja. In the coming months, we will expand this regional drive.”

The Loudest take

Communities in the music industry in India such as Lyricists and composers are highly dependent on IPRS for royalties and extended income as their income is usually not included in concert tickets fees, unlike the singers or performers.

The need of the hour is to increase local office participation as audiences become mature enough to consume local talent and promote a different sound.

Local offices in different cities or capitals of every state will ensure prompt licensing and increase loyalty collection in areas that are now allowing live music performances.

As the industry grows and matures into live performances, independent artists releasing music and embracing local flavor in mainstream media, IPRS can be instrumental in ensuring that the talent gets its due, which hasn’t been the case until now.

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