Rolling Stone India Goes Digital

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Rolling Stone magazine was launched in 1967 as a counter-cultural voice that moved on to create some of the world’s most iconic rock ‘n roll moments. Since its birth as a print publication that practically defined rock ‘n’ roll and leading artists from The Beatles to Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stone has transformed itself into a multimedia brand that also covers other worlds from politics to Hollywood with hard-hitting journalism.

Rolling Stone entered India a decade ago and while they are celebrating their 10th year of business in India, they are making a big change. Rolling Stone India is going all digital!

One of the significant trends that we have noticed over the last five years has been the steady increase in our digital audience. Rather than walk across to the traditional newsstands to pick up the print version of the magazine every month, the young men and women who primarily read Rolling Stone India prefer to get their news and information from our website, social media and downloaded digital editions. – Radhakrishnan Nair, Publisher

From the data collected, Rolling Stone India has gathered that  two-thirds of their readers come to the website through smartphones. Equally important, a large part of the engagement comes via videos, including live videos on our website and social media. The magazine has decided to adopt the digital age, print is no longer profitable or viable.

Infact, India has been a little restrictive towards adopting newer digital trends. Lack of data speeds has slowed the progress but now with Jio advocating availability of data in all parts of the country, technology is ready for India. India will not be the first Rolling Stone franchise to go digital, it is a global trend.

This technological shift, of course, is not restricted to India. It has been happening across the globe for some time now. Which is the reason why some of the best-known international magazines targeted at young people have in recent times turned themselves into digital-only publications.

The magazine discontinued their monthly print as of this July.  Rolling Stone India India will now be available only for digital downloads. The e-version of the magazine is available to download on reputed digital magazine stores like Magzter, Readwhere, Readly, Ezinemart, Scoop, Reliance Jio, Paperboy, etc. Of course, readers will continue to be able to access the full range of stories from the magazine on Rolling Stone India as well.

Rolling Stone has promised not to take away the experience of opening a fresh magazine from the readers all together. Every few months, they will publish a collector edition special issues of the magazine featuring content that have a long-term shelf life, subjects like 500 Greatest Rock Songs, The Ultimate Album-by-Album Guide to the Beatles, India’s 100 Greatest Rock Bands, etc. These issues will be available in bookstores across the country.

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