Music business has been a flourishing industry. Social media and digital market places have made it more profit earning. Artists from different genres are getting popularity through social media. However, hip-hop has discovered a lot of rappers by the same means. As a result, people claim that hip-hop music is the new rock & roll. In fact, Billboard chart-toppers from past five years are all hip-hop joints.

The world is adapting hip-hop music. Artists from South-Asia have coined the term ‘Desi Hip-Hop’ to refer their music style. Like every other field of art, hip-hop in South-Asia has the underground as well.

Who Are Full Power?

Full Power is a newly found hip-hop duo from India. The duo comprises of Yash Chandra aka Yungsta and Akshay Rawat aka Frappe Ash. They both have already cemented their respective positions independently already but the duo has helped them in leveling up. We sat down with Yungsta to know more about the history of Full Power. Here is what he suggested.

I’ve known Frappe ever since I started off rapping and got acquainted to the existing rap scene in India. Last year around summer, Frappe was in Delhi for about 6 months and was putting up with me so we decided to put out a collaborative mixtape together. As we were working on the project, the sound that developed was more authentic and professional to just be put out in the form of a mixtape. So, we dropped the idea of a mixtape and decided to approach the project as a collaborative album instead.
Working with this approach, we figured out that together we have a distinct sound which is different from the way we sound individually and this needs to be identified so we decided to create this new entity called ‘FULL POWER’.

Full Power has recently dropped their debut album ‘Showtime’ and here is what you need to know about it.

Showtime came out as a surprise for Full Power’s fans. Yungsta and Frappe Ash have gained popularity through their individual hustles. Underground hip-hop fans were expecting a single from their end but the album was totally unexpected. Showtime is an eight-track long album with a variety of sounds in it. Every song on the album ranges between 100 bpm and 140 bpm while maintaining a standard vibe. Each song is different but helps in building the overall vibe of the album. Tracks likes Khaarij, Top of the Line & Ohh No creates a mellow ambient vibe but of a different fashion. What They Want has a bounce in it. Undoubtedly, this is the track which will set the stage on fire.

In fact, the track features rapper/actor Dhaval Parab aka D’evil from Mumbai on a guest verse. On the other hand, Ohh No features one of Delhi’s hottest duos, Seedhe Maut on the guest spot. There are no other guest verses on the album but that has left a lot of room for Full Power to display their skills and sound choices. A lot of other underground artists have helped in the construction of this album. Artists like Rachit, Diesby & Charan Preet with Yungsta have helped in the mixing of the album. Yungsta, Diesby & Charan Preet are also credited for the mastering of the album. Illustrations & artwork was done by Dikshant Kumar and an additional artwork was done by Rishabh Dwivedi aka Ryzen. Overall, the album is tight and is a must listen. If you want to check out the album, stream it here.

Is creating an album like ‘Showtime’ as independent artists in India really that easy?

Yungsta suggests that album was not easy to construct. Elements helped them in leasing the beats and offered to release the album as their own property as a label. Trying to deliver the whole project as a quality project from top to bottom with consistent and good sound quality was also a thing. It is because as much as it’s hard to come up with a concept of how a track should sound, executing it is a whole different ball game. So, that was another major thing that they had to tackle and figure out.

Most of the Indian artists have not picked up this type of core trap sound properly. A fusion of Hindi and English verses will definitely amaze audiences. Multi-lingual aspect of the album is a tool to reach a wider audience. Western audience will find Hindi verses amusing and Indian core Hindi fans will realize that the use of English is not over done. The whole concept of this album was to create a body of work which Full Power could perform in their gigs. Yungsta suggested that the album placement is another key to an enjoyable album. It helps in the progression. It is important that all the tracks should be placed in such a way that it compliments the concept of the album.The progression should be smooth both in terms of sound and lyricism. The album sounds more like a mixtape if the tracks are just thrown in it. 

There’re a lot of speculations about Spotify’s launch in India. From an artist’s perspective, Frappe Ash shed some light on the importance of Spotify’s launch in India.

With all the online streaming and sales, Spotify’s launch in India is going to be a push that we all need. With the subscription services decreasing the piracy, artists now are getting their financial cut in terms of revenues. Additionally, it helps in cultivating new artists. The listener and artist’s relationship gets better manyfold. The playlists and charts have made exploring for new music more accessible.

Indian artists, particually, hip-hop artists must reap the most as now is the commencement of our community. Spotify provides great chances for a scene like us to grow. Promoting an artist’s all round catalogue increases the revenue all around. It was high time that music took the digital shift and I feel it is here to stay, stay for long.

Underground hip-hop from South-Asia is on the rise and it looks like a promising industry for artists. Rap is no longer a 4 bar filler interlude in Punjabi songs and the credit goes to artists like Full Power. If you really want to know more about the scene, stay connected with and we guarantee you the insight of music business in India. Tell us how did you like ‘Showtime’ by Full Power.


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