One of India’s most adored and gifted singer-songwriters, Prateek Kuhad has left his fans stupefied after releasing a brand new EP titled cold/messThis is his first record since 2015 and the world couldn’t have been more prepared for it.

Having released single ‘Tum Jab Pass’ in 2017 as a part of Saavn’s Artist Originals, Prateek pursued his alliance with the Jio-acquired streaming service releasing cold/mess via it. He abdicated the conventional method of an album release by sharing the EP directly with his fans through a mailing list. He also requested them to share the record on social media on his behalf.

I couldn’t have made it here without you, and I really wanted to find a way for you to be a more intimate part of this release,” says Prateek in his mail to fans.

Attaining Prominence in Songwriting

Written in English and recorded in Nashville, the six-track EP is a concoction of feelings cocooned in Prateek’s mellifluent sound. His words conspicuously highlight the dolefulness of love and relationships but his voice beautifully mollifies those complexities leaving one dazed with a bittersweet sentiment.

cold/mess is about love, heartache, angst, and conflict. A conflict brought about by a relationship that on a deeper level may possibly be flawed,” says Prateek in a press statement. “There are six songs on the EP, and each song is part anecdotal, part fictional, fused to convey a very specific and personal emotion. These songs move together and attempt to tell a story,” he adds.

He has already performed four of the six songs on the road, including the title track, ‘cold/mess’, which is a favourite with his fans. The two new songs on the EP are ‘with you/for you’ and ‘did you/fall apart’.

Prateek will head to the United States for a full-fledged tour that will take him to Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York among other cities. In addition to the US tour in August and September, the ‘Oh Love’ singer will also perform a series of intimate house gigs across India.

You can listen to the EP below or stream it via Saavn


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