The music business environment in India is getting louder and faster by the minute! News of collaborative projects and ideas are coming up every other day. Most of that has been seen on the corporate side of things with big music companies trying to make their way into this gigantic, untouched market, but we haven’t seen much happening in the Independent Music Scene in terms of these developments. Wishberry and Rolling Stone are here to change that though! If you don’t know Wishberry, they’re a company that let artists crowd fund campaigns on their portal. Dhruv Visvanath successfully funded his latest album ‘Lost Cause’ with much success.


The project, in collaboration with Rolling Stone short listed 6 bands from the country and crowdfund a music video for them! Although artists have had successful in crowd funding campaigns recently, no project has come up in the country with such a massive lineup and extent. Further, all the artists play music across various genres, which makes the project quite representative of the Independent Music Scene in the country. Here they are:

The Manta Sidhu Ensemble

If you’re a fan of amazing harmonies, Manta Sidhu Ensemble is exactly your thing! They have been travelling around with their folk/latin infused music filled with Queen-esche 3-4 part harmonies, mesmerising everyone with their unique sound and charm! They are crowd funding for their first ever music video of their song ‘Light’ – a heartwarming song written for mothers. They have currently raised 25%!

This is what they had to say about the crowdfunding project:

We chose crowdfunding for the production of our first ever music video because we want our audience to be a part of the journey, in a very real and tangible manner. You only encourage an idea or a project when you genuinely believe in it, and crowdfunding is a proof of that. We want our audience to take a step forward and join us in making this dream come true.”

Ratnang Singh

Ratnang Singh is a singer-songwriter from New Delhi, India who recently put out his first debut album titled ‘The War’. Known for his soft voice and gentle approach to songwriting, he is crowd funding for a music video of his song ‘You’, described as a lighter take on breakups that are usually heavy duty! He has currently reached 33% of his goal!

This is what he had to say:

Even though we (independent music artists) have access to platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud to share our music, it is very difficult for us to compete against popular artists that are backed by Corporates. Music videos are super expensive to produce! ‘Watch Out’ has presented me with his great opportunity to actually get a top notch video made with full freedom.


Tarana Marwaha (act name Komorebi) surprised the independent music scene last year with her stellar debut album ‘Candyland’. She has taken her unique set of electronic sounds all around the country, playing all the biggest festivals in the country. She is crowdfunding for a music video of the first song off her album, ‘Little One’ and this isn’t going to be any run of the mill video, it will be her first stop-motion, live action video as well! She has currently reached 52% of her goal! 

Aankh Micholi

Aankh Micholi is a 5 piece Folk/Fusion Alternative Rock Band who are crowdfunding for their first ever music video for their song Bindiya Tori. According to them, the inspiration for this song is of pure love and the beauty of it! They have currently reached 10% of their goal.

Sanjeeta Bhattacharya

An insanely talented jazz singer, Sanjeeta Bhattacharya has slowly been coming up in the Independent Music Scene singing for various projects and bands in the past few years. Now, she has started releasing her own music with her band and they are crowdfunding the music video for her song ‘You Shine’. The song stands as a tribute to Karan Joseph and Chester Bennington. She has currently reached 29% of her goal.

Gowry Lekshmi

A sensation in the Indian Music Industry, Gowry Lekshmi became the youngest Music Director in India at the age of 13! Known for her original compositions, she is crowdfunding for a video of her song ‘Araro’. She has currently reached 63% of her goal.

If you thought that was all, you’re mistaken! If all the artists reach their goal, not only will they make their music video – their music video will be made with the help of Wishberry and Rolling Stone, along with promotion for all the songs. The videos themselves will be filmed by the award winning media house ‘Camera and Shorts’. If this isn’t one of the most innovative ways of promoting bands in the country, we don’t know what is! There is an immense amount of talent in the country and it’s amazing that Wishberry and Rolling Stone are joining hands in taking that talent to the next level. Anshulika Dubey, the co-founder of Wishberry had this to say:

India has its own share of Ed Sheerans and Adeles but it is the lack of capital for video production that deters them from promoting their own original compositions instead of covers. Through this crowdfunding initiative, we want to make sure that money does not stand in the way of talent. Rolling stone India has been the perfect partner in this journey.

Well what are you waiting for? Head down to the Wishberry campaign and make sure you pledge to all of these wonderful artists and help them out in creating their artistic vision through their music videos! REMEMBER! It’s an all or nothing campaign, so if the artists don’t get the money they require, the project will sadly be called off. This is your time to help out the Independent Music Scene in our country and take it to the next level!


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